Tuesday 17 March 2015

Puma - Puma Super-Stars

Puma Super-Stars
10 posters

Not really cards, but I was impressed with these when they were issued. A set of 10 posters featuring some of the best players in the world at the time. The collection also includes the cheating Joe Jordan - was it karma that they failed to get out of their group at the 1978 World Cup tournament. Each poster measured 27" x 18".
UPDARE (29-03-2022 15:22):  The second image is an advert from the back page of Top Soccer magazine dated 24 November, 1979.

1.  Joe Jordan

2.  Gordon McQueen
3.  Mario Kempes
4.  Peter Shilton
5.  Leopold Luque
6.  Johan Cruyff
7.  Sammy McIlroy
8.  Giancarlo Antonioni
9.  Dirceu
10.  Hans Krankl

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