Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Beautiful Game Ltd. - Football Greats ~ Sir Tom Finney

Football Greats ~ Sir Tom Finney
The Beautiful Game Ltd.
4 cards

Football Greats is an amazing collection of cards, every design, front and back is different. At the time of release a special four card set of Sir Tom Finney cards were issued, one of which was unnumbered. They could be found with two different thicknesses of card, the thicker ones being part of a numbered limited edition collection that came in it's own leather album. I am hoping to include an illustrated checklist of the main 45 card set soon.

Football Greats ~ Sir Tom Finney - 1000 micron card - Gold foil - Limited Edition 200
Football Greats ~ Sir Tom Finney - 300 micron card

ST1.  Sir Tom Finney
ST2.  Sir Tom Finney
ST3.  Sir Tom Finney
NNO.  Sir Tom Finney  -  autographed  -  Limited Edition #/200
NNO.  Sir Tom Finney  -  not autographed

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