Saturday, 7 March 2015

Topps (Germany) - Match Attax Bundesliga 2014-2015 (06) Club-Einhundert Memorabilia

Match Attax Bundesliga 2014-2015
1 card

Topps have created a another memorabilia card this season. So far there have been two memorabilia cards in Match Attax, a jersey card of Marco Reus in the 2012/13 season and a jersey card of Dante in the 2013/14 season. This one includes a piece of original Adidas shoe worn by Christoph Kramer. The shoe was divided into 432 individual pieces. Please excuse the poor photo.
During the Topps-Tour 2015 in March, it is possible to win a Christoph Kramer memorabilia card as a prize at the Wheel of Fortune. Also, if you spend €2,00 you'll receive a voucher and two winners will be selected at random in each city. The Topps-Tour 2015 goes to Köln (14 Mär), Frankfurt (15 Mär), Berlin (21 Mär), Leipzig (22 Mär) and Hannover (28 Mär).

Club-Einhundert - Memorabilia (Limited Edition 432)

362.  Christoph Kramer (Borussia Mönchengladbach)


  1. Do you have any pictures of the 2012 Reus or 2013 Dante cards? I have the 2016/17 Muller and 2015/16 Reus cards. Trying to find the other three.

    1. Sorry, I don't. The only images I have are the ones used on my blog. Don't know if anyone else can help you.

    2. No worries -- appreciate the response Alan!


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