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Pacific Trading Cards - MSL (1991-92)

Pacific Trading Cards
160 cards

1.  Brian Quinn (San Diego Sockers)
2.  Waad Hirmez (San Diego Sockers)
3.  Paul Dougherty (San Diego Sockers)
4.  Paul Wright (San Diego Sockers)
5.  Brank Segota (San Diego Sockers)
6.  Rod Castro (San Diego Sockers)
7.  Wes Wade (San Diego Sockers)
8.  Ben Collins (San Diego Sockers)
9.  Jim Gabarra (San Diego Sockers)
10.  David Banks (San Diego Sockers)
11.  Alex Golovnia (San Diego Sockers)
12.  Kevin Crow (San Diego Sockers)
13.  Michael Collins (San Diego Sockers)
14.  Jacques Ladouceur (San Diego Sockers)
15.  Glenn Carbonara (San Diego Sockers)
16.  Victor Nogueira (San Diego Sockers)
17.  Savva Biller (San Diego Sockers)
18.  Ron Newman (San Diego Sockers)
19.  Gary Heale (Tacoma Stars)
20.  Greg Ion (Tacoma Stars)
21.  Bill Crook (Tacoma Stars)
22.  Mark Karpun (Tacoma Stars)
23.  Ralph Black (Tacoma Stars)
24.  Steve Kinsey (Tacoma Stars)
25.  Willie Molano (Tacoma Stars)
26.  Kia (Tacoma Stars)
27.  Eddie Radwanski (Tacoma Stars)
28.  Freddie Thompson (Tacoma Stars)
29.  Walter Schmetzer (Tacoma Stars)
30.  Shawn Medved (Tacoma Stars)
31.  Nikola Ristic (Tacoma Stars)
32.  Joe Waters (Tacoma Stars)
33.  Cris Vaccaro (Tacoma Stars)
34.  Dick Mcormick (Tacoma Stars)
35.  Neil Megson (Tacoma Stars)
36.  Todd Strobeck (Tacoma Stars)
37.  Keith Weller (Tacoma Stars)
38.  Dale Ervine (Wichita Wings)
39.  Chico Borja (Wichita Wings)
40.  Omar Gomez (Wichita Wings)
41.  David Byrne (Wichita Wings)
42.  Danny Pena (Wichita Wings)
43.  Chico Moreira (Wichita Wings)
44.  Brad Smith (Wichita Wings)
45.  Steve Pittman (Wichita Wings)
46.  Perry van der Beck (Wichita Wings)
47.  Terry Rowe (Wichita Wings)
48.  Victor Moreland (Wichita Wings)
49.  Jimmy McGeough (Wichita Wings)
50.  Vincent Beck (Wichita Wings)
51.  Tom Soehn (Wichita Wings)
52.  Jason Hasford (Wichita Wings)
53.  Ron Fearon (Wichita Wings)
54.  Kris Peat (Wichita Wings)
55.  Roy Turner (Wichita Wings)
56.  Domenic Mobilio (Baltimore Blast)
57.  Dale Mitchell (Baltimore Blast)
58.  Billly Ronson (Baltimore Blast)
59.  Tim Wittman (Baltimore Blast)
60.  Mike Stankovic (Baltimore Blast)
61.  Rusty Troy (Baltimore Blast)
62.  Richard Chinapoo (Baltimore Blast)
63.  Mark Mettrick (Baltimore Blast)
64.  Bruce Savage (Baltimore Blast)
65.  Mike Reynolds (Baltimore Blast)
66.  David Vaudreuil (Baltimore Blast)
67.  Joe Barger (Baltimore Blast)
68.  Chris Simon (Baltimore Blast)
69.  Chris Haywood (Baltimore Blast)
70.  Chris Relf (Baltimore Blast)
71.  Scott Manning (Baltimore Blast)
72.  Hank Henry (Baltimore Blast)
73.  Kenny Cooper (Baltimore Blast)
74.  Dominic Feltham (Baltimore Blast)
75.  Tatu (Dallas Sidekicks)
76.  Kevin Smith (Dallas Sidekicks)
77.  Troy Snyder (Dallas Sidekicks)
78.  Beto (Dallas Sidekicks)
79.  Pedro DeBrito (Dallas Sidekicks)
80.  Terry Woodberry (Dallas Sidekicks)
81.  Doc Lawson (Dallas Sidekicks)
82.  Bruno Ferretti (Dallas Sidekicks)
83.  Dali (Dallas Sidekicks)
84.  Marcello Carrera (Dallas Sidekicks)
85.  Mike Uremovich (Dallas Sidekicks)
86.  Wes McLeod (Dallas Sidekicks)
87.  Eloy Salgado (Dallas Sidekicks)
88.  Mike Powers (Dallas Sidekicks)
89.  Joe Papaleo (Dallas Sidekicks)
90.  Lynn Venable (Dallas Sidekicks)
91.  Krys Sobieski (Dallas Sidekicks)
92.  Godron Jago (Dallas Sidekicks)
93.  Roderick Scott (Dallas Sidekicks)
94.  Jan Goosens (Kansas City Comets)
95.  Carl Valentine (Kansas City Comets)
96.  Ted Eck (Kansas City Comets)
97.  Kevin Hundelt (Kansas City Comets)
98.  Paul Peschisolido (Kansas City Comets)
99.  Kim Roentved (Kansas City Comets)
100.  Doug Neeley (Kansas City Comets)
101.  Iain Fraser (Kansas City Comets)
102.  Chad Ashton (Kansas City Comets)
103.  Jim Schwab (Kansas City Comets)
104.  David Doyle (Kansas City Comets)
105.  Gino Schiraldi (Kansas City Comets)
106.  Doug McLagan (Kansas City Comets)
107.  John Klein (Kansas City Comets)
108.  Mike Dowler (Kansas City Comets)
109.  Chris Duke (Kansas City Comets)
110.  Tony Glavin (Kansas City Comets)
111.  Mark mathews (Kansas City Comets)
112.  Jim Gorsek (Kansas City Comets)
113.  Rick Snyder (Kansas City Comets)
114.  Preki (St Louis Storm)
115.  Thompson Usiyan (St Louis Storm)
116.  Godfrey Ingram (St Louis Storm)
117.  Daryl Doran (St Louis Storm)
118.  Claudio de Oliveira (St Louis Storm)
119.  Daniel Donigan (St Louis Storm)
120.  Fernando Clavijo (St Louis Storm)
121.  Terry Brown (St Louis Storm)
122.  Emil Dragicevic (St Louis Storm)
123.  Brian Schmetzer (St Louis Storm)
124.  Marcio Leite (St Louis Storm)
125.  Mark Frederickson (St Louis Storm)
126.  Gerg Muhr (St Louis Storm)
127.  David Eise (St Louis Storm)
128.  Bobo Lucic (St Louis Storm)
129.  Mike Fox (St Louis Storm)
130.  Zoltan Toth (St Louis Storm)
131.  Slobo Ilijevski (St Louis Storm)
132.  Mark Moser (St Louis Storm)
133.  Don Popovic (St Louis Storm)
134.  Zoran Karic (Cleveland Crunch)
135.  Hector Marinaro (Cleveland Crunch)
136.  Michael King (Cleveland Crunch)
137.  David Hoggan (Cleveland Crunch)
138.  Andy Schmetzer (Cleveland Crunch)
139.  Mike Sweeney (Cleveland Crunch)
140.  Gregg Willin (Cleveland Crunch)
141.  Rudy Pikuzinski (Cleveland Crunch)
142.  Kai Haaskivi (Cleveland Crunch)
143.  George Fernandez (Cleveland Crunch)
144.  Marco Rizi (Cleveland Crunch)
145.  Theo Kulsdom (Cleveland Crunch)
146.  Bernie James (Cleveland Crunch)
147.  Ali Kazemaini (Cleveland Crunch)
148.  P.J. Johns (Cleveland Crunch)
149.  Joe Koziol (Cleveland Crunch)
150.  Otto Orf (Cleveland Crunch)
151.  Trevor Dawkins (Cleveland Crunch)
152.  Victor Nogueira
153.  San Diego All-Stars
154.  Baltimore All-Stars
155.  Kansas City All-Stars
156.  St Louis All-Stars
157.  Cleveland All-Stars
158.  Tacoma All-Stars
159.  Borja & Clavijo
160.  Earl Foreman

MSL - Gold Foil Cards

1 Tatu
2 David Banks
3 Chico Borja
4 Victor Nogueira
5 Hector Marinaro
6 Bruce Savage
7 Ralph Black
8 Preki

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