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Pacific Trading Cards - MISL (1988-89)


Pacific Trading Cards
110 cards

The second season of M.I.S.L. cards, with quite a few ex-Football league players involved.

1.  Steve Zungul (Player of Decade)
2.  Stan Stamenkovic (All Decade Team)
3.  Juli Veee (All Decade Team)
4.  Kai Hasskivi (All Decade Team)
5.  Branko Segota (All Decade Team)
6.  Fernando Clavijo (All Decade Team)
7.  Kim Roentved (All Decade Team)
8.  Slobo Ilijevski (All Decade Team)
9.  Zoltan Toth (All Decade Team)
10.  Mike Stankovic (All Decade Team)
11.  Steve Zungul (All Decade Team)
12.  Eric Rasmussen (1987/88 MVP)
13.  Cacho (San Diego Sockers)
14.  Ralph Black (San Diego Sockers)
15.  Alan Willey (San Diego Sockers)
16.  Gary Etherington (San Diego Sockers)
17.  Gus Mokalis (San Diego Sockers)
18.  Paul Dougherty (San Diego Sockers)
19.  Zoran Laric (San Diego Sockers)
20.  George Fernandez (San Diego Sockers)
21.  Kevin Crow (San Diego Sockers)
22.  Ron Newman (San Diego Sockers)
23.  Steve Zungul (San Diego Sockers)
24.  Branko Segota (San Diego Sockers)
25.  Victor Nogueira (San Diego Sockers)
26.  Brian Quinn (San Diego Sockers)
27.  Neil Megson (Tacoma Stars)
28.  Gerry Gray (Tacoma Stars)
29.  P.J. Johns (Tacoma Stars)
30.  Bernie James (Tacoma Stars)
31.  Godfrey Ingram (Tacoma Stars)
32.  Ali Kazemani (Tacoma Stars)
33.  David Hoggan (Tacoma Stars)
34.  Peter Ward (Tacoma Stars)
35.  Greg Blasingame (Tacoma Stars)
36.  Alan Hinton (Tacoma Stars)
37.  Homer Screws (Tacoma Stars)
38.  Mike Dowler (Tacoma Stars)
39.  Andy Schmetzer (Tacoma Stars)
40.  Preki (Tacoma Stars)
41.  Alan Mayer (Kansas City Comets)
42.  Dave Clements (Kansas City Comets)
43.  Kia (Kansas City Comets)
44.  Gino Schiraldi (Kansas City Comets)
45.  Ed Gettemeier (Kansas City Comets)
46.  Iain Fraser (Kansas City Comets)
47.  Jan Goosens (Kansas City Comets)
48.  Frank Rasmussen (Kansas City Comets)
49.  Dale Mitchell (Kansas City Comets)
50.  Tony Glavin (Kansas City Comets)
51.  Tom Kain (Kansas City Comets)
52.  Kim Roentved (Kansas City Comets)
53.  David Doyle (Kansas City Comets)
54.  Stan Cummins (Kansas City Comets)
55.  Scott Manning (Baltimore Blast)
56.  Bruce Savage (Baltimore Blast)
57.  Freddie Thompson (Baltimore Blast)
58.  Tim Wittman (Baltimore Blast)
59.  Kenny Cooper (Baltimore Blast)
60.  Slobo Ilijevski (Baltimore Blast)
61.  Kai Haaskivi (Baltimore Blast)
62.  Billy Ronson (Baltimore Blast)
63.  John Karpovich (Baltimore Blast)
64.  Rusty Troy (Baltimore Blast)
65.  Carl Valentine (Baltimore Blast)
66.  David Byrne (Baltimore Blast)
67.  Mike Sweeney (Baltimore Blast)
68.  Desmond Armstrong (Baltimore Blast)
69.  Nenad Zigante (Wichita Wings)
70.  Terry Rowe (Wichita Wings)
71.  Andy Chapman (Wichita Wings)
72.  Perry van der Beck (Wichita Wings)
73.  Dale Ervine (Wichita Wings)
74.  Mike Fox (Wichita Wings)
75.  Emil Rasmussen (Wichita Wings)
76.  Jean Willrich (Wichita Wings)
77.  Terry Nicholl (Wichita Wings)
78.  Victor Moreland (Wichita Wings)
79.  Mike Stankovic (Wichita Wings)
80.  Chico Borja (Wichita Wings)
81.  Kevin Kewley (Wichita Wings)
82.  Cris Vaccaro (Wichita Wings)
83.  Cha Cha Namdar (Los Angeles Lazers)
84.  A.J. Lachowecki (Los Angeles Lazers)
85.  Michael Collins (Los Angeles Lazers)
86.  Jim Gabarra (Los Angeles Lazers)
87.  Mark Frederickson (Los Angeles Lazers)
88.  Doug Neely (Los Angeles Lazers)
89.  Keith Tozer (Los Angeles Lazers)
90.  Jim Gorsek (Los Angeles Lazers)
91.  Steve Kinsey (Los Angeles Lazers)
92.  Waad Hirmez (Los Angeles Lazers)
93.  Daryl Doran (Los Angeles Lazers)
94.  Gary Heale (Los Angeles Lazers)
95.  B.J. Esposito (Los Angeles Lazers)
96.  Hector Marinaro (Los Angeles Lazers)
97.  Joe Papaleo (Dallas Sidekicks)
98.  Gordon Jago (Dallas Sidekicks)
99.  Wes McLeod (Dallas Sidekicks)
100.  Beto (Dallas Sidekicks)
101.  Mike Powers (Dallas Sidekicks)
102.  Doc Lawson (Dallas Sidekicks)
103.  Mark Karpun (Dallas Sidekicks)
104.  Willie Molano (Dallas Sidekicks)
105.  Kevin Smith (Dallas Sidekicks)
106.  Michael King (Dallas Sidekicks)
107.  Tatu (Dallas Sidekicks)
108.  Krys Sobieski (Dallas Sidekicks)
109.  Richard Chinapoo (Dallas Sidekicks)
110.  Troy Snider (Dallas Sidekicks)


  1. There are three uncorrected errors of note in this set: David Doyle's card depicts Duncan MacEwan, Mike Sweeney's card shows Dave MacKenzie, and AJ Lachowecki's card has Kris Peat's photo.

    1. Hi Drew,

      I've got scans of those three cards as I used to have this set until a few years ago. Never realised there were errors though. I'll feature these on my blog over the next week or so.

      Thanks for your help,



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