Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Tennis Borussia Berlin / emzett - Tennis Borussia Berlin Autogrammkarten (1985-86)

Tennis Borussia Berlin Autogrammkarten
Tennis Borussia Berlin / emzett
West Germany
22 cards

Cardiff City fans might recognize the name of Mario Miethig, who was at Ninian Park for a short period in the 1989-1990 season. He played a total of 7 games at Tennis Borussia, in Germany's second tier, during his time at the club - 1982-1987.

Armin Reichel

Bernd Stieler
Dirk Greiser
Michael Hertwig
Dietmar Schacht
Peter Fraßmann
Christian Hübner
Robert Jüttner
Damir Maričić
Mario Miethig
Željko Mišić
Karl-Heinz Peter
Uwe Rapolder
Gerald Scheunemann
Lothar Schlapp
Martin Wiesner
Uwe Bialon
Frank Dietrich
Michael Fiedler
Eleftherios Fotiadis
Rudi Gores
Wilhelm Reisinger

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