Tuesday, 31 March 2015

John Player & Sons - Football Caricatures by Mac (02)

Football Caricatures by Mac
John Player & Sons
50 cards

Having brought out the Tommy Watson card earlier today, I thought I'd take the chance to include an illustrated checklist for this set of caricatures drawn by 'Mac'. This, and the set of cards by 'Rip', were my first experience of cigarette cards and I bought Watson, Len Davies and Bob John and I never looked back. In the original listing I didn't include the details of the rugby players, but I've included them here. 
By the way, Mac was the nom de plume of artist Douglas Machin and some years later drew a similar series of footballers for Ogden's Cigarettes.
This list updated the previous one - the names of the players are as they appear on the fronts of the cards and the names of the teams they play for are listed as they appear on the backs of the cards.

1.  Hugh Adcock (Leicester City)
2.  W.R. Amos (Bury)
3.  S.W. Austin (Manchester City and England)
4.  Ernie Beecham (Fulham)
5.  Joe Bradford (Birmingham)
6.  W.I. Bryant (Millwall and England)
7.  Geo. Camsell (Middlesbrough)
8.  Jack Cock (Plymouth Argyle)
9.  Tommy Cook (Brighton & Hove Albion)
10.  W.R. "Dixie" Dean (Everton and England)
11.  Norman Dinsdale (Notts County)
12.  John Fowler (Swansea adn Wales)
13.  Harry Foxall (Portsmouth)
14.  G.H. Green (Sheffield United and England)
15.  Lieut. K.E. Hegan (The Army, Corinthians and England)
16.  Alex Jackson (Huddersfield and Scotland)
17.  A. James (Preston N.E. and Scotland)
18.  Tom Jennings (Leeds United)
19.  Bob John (The Arsenal and Wales)
20.  F.W. Kean (Sheffield Wednesday and England)
21.  Wilfred Kirkham (Port Vale)
22.  T. Lucas (Liverpool and England)
23.  T. Magee (West Bromwich Albion)
24.  Albert McInroy (Sunderland and England)
25.  Bob McKay (Newcastle United)
26.  D.H. Morris (Swindon Town)
27.  Frank Osborne (Tottenham Hotspur)
28.  William Rawlings (Southampton and England)
29.  James Ruffell (West Ham and England)
30.  G. Sommerville (Burnley)
31.  Joseph Spence (Manchester United and England)
32.  H. Thoms (Derby County)
33.  W. Wadsworth (Bristol City)
34.  Thomas Watson (Cardiff City)
35.  Andy Wilson (Chelsea and Scotland)
36.  A. Wood (Clapton Orient)
37.  R.E. York (Aston Villa and England)
38.  M.J. Bradley (Dolphin and Ireland)  -  Rugby Union
39.  C.W. Carr (Barrow) -  Rugby League
40.  J.B. Ganly (Monkstown and Ireland) -  Rugby Union
41.  T.E. Holliday (Oldham)  -  Rugby League
42.  H.C. Laird (Harlequins and England)  -  Rugby Union
43.  J.B. Nelson (Glasgow Academicals)  -  Rugby Union
44.  J. Parkin (Wakefield Trinity)  -  Rugby League
45.  W.C. Powell (London Welsh)  -  Rugby Union
46.  K.A. Sellar (Royal Navy)  -  Rugby Union
47.  I.S. Smith (Oxford University and Scotland)-  Rugby Union
48.  James Sullivan (Wigan and England)  -  Rugby League
49.  J.S. Tucker (Bristol and England)  -  Rugby Union
50.  B.R. Turnbull (Cambridge University and Wales)  -  Rugby Union

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