Monday 30 March 2015

Hartlepool United F.C. - Hartlepool United Legends Collector Cards

Hartlepool United Legends Collector Cards
Hartlepool United F.C.
32 cards

I'm not sure when these were issued but I think it was in 2012-13 season. These are actually collectable scratch cards, as can be seen by the panels on the back of the cards.
I have a complete set of these cards available for trade.

1.  Joe Allon
2.  Joel Porter
3.  Michael Barron
4.  Len Johnson
5.  Bob Newton
6.  Watty Moore
7.  Ritchie Humphries
8.  Billy Eyre
9.  Brian Honour
10.  Tommy Miller
11.  Adam Boyd
12.  Rob McKinnon
13.  Keith Nobbs
14.  Fred Priest
15.  Joshie Fletcher
16.  Ambrose (Amby) Fogarty
17.  John Sheridan
18.  Tony Parry
19.  Alan Goad
20.  Willie Waddell
21.  Peter Beardsley
22.  Andy Saville
23.  Kevin Dixon
24.  Jan Ove Pedersen
25.  Dimitrios Konstantopoulos
26.  Mark Tinkler
27.  Eifion Williams
28.  John McGovern
29.  Ray Thompson
30.  George Luke
31.  Joss Hewitt
32.  Leo Harden

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