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Fleetway Publications / Lion - FLE-170-3/ZJ9-3-2-1 Football Teams ~ Lion


FLE-170-3/ZJ9-3-2-1 Football Teams ~ Lion
Fleetway Publications / Lion
14 cards (6 sheets)

The cards were issued in sheets, four teams in the first sheet and two teams on each of the subsequent sheets. I know issue dates for three of them, but not for the other three. Often found cut down to 14 single cards.

UPDATE (08-11-2017 11:58):  Issue numbers and issue dates have been added for the remaining sheets and the order in which they have been listed has been changed so that they are now listed in chronological order. Thanks to Terry Kramer for providing this missing information.

FLE-170-3/ZJ9-3-2-1 Football Teams - Lion (sheet 1)  -  issue dated 31 October, 1959

Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. 1959-60

C. Booth, J. Mullen, W. Slater, E. Clamp, M. Finlayson, E. Stuart, G. Harris, R. Flowers, G. Showell, Mr. S. Cullis (Manager), M. Lill, R. Mason, W. Wright, J. Murray, P. Braodbent, N. Deeley, J. Gardiner (Trainer)
Sheffield Wednesday F.C. 1959-60
J. Martin, J. Fantham, T. McAnearney, R. Springett, D. Wilkinson, D. Gibson, P. Swan, A. Finney, R. Froggatt, R. Shiner, N. Curtis
Nottingham Forest F.C. 1959-60
T. Whitefoot, W. Whare, R. McKinley, C. Thomson, R. Dwight, J. McDonald, Mr. W.H. Walker (Manager), T. Wilson, J. Quigley, J. Burkitt, W. Gray, S. Imlach, T. Graham (Trainer)
St. Mirren F.C. 1959-60
E. McGarvie (Trainer), J. Wilson, G. Baker, D. Walker, J. Neilson, J. McGugan, T. Leishman, J. Rodger, T. Bryceland, D. Lapsley, T. Gemmell, A. Miller

FLE-170-3/ZJ9-3-2-1 Football Teams - Lion (sheet 2)  -  issue dated 7 November, 1959

Chelsea F.C. 1959-60

S. Anderton, R. Whittaker, R. Matthews, J. Mortimore, C. Livesey, J. Compton, J. Greaves, P. Brabrook, P. Sillett, A. Nicholas, F. Blunstone
Everton F.C. 1959-60
T. Jones, K. Rea, A. Parker, A. Dunlop, J. Bramwell, M. Meagan, J. Tansey, G. Watson (Trainer), A. Sanders, J. Harris, E. Thomas, D. Hickson, R. Collins, E. O'Hara, B. Harris

FLE-170-3/ZJ9-3-2-1 Football Teams - Lion (sheet 3)  -  issue dated 14 November, 1959

Motherwell F.C. 1959-60

J. Forest, W. McCallum, J. Cattinach, H. Weir, A. Wylie, J. Martin, P. Delaney, I. St. John, R. McCann, J. Stewart, W. McSeveny, R. McCallum, R. Roberts, J. Martin, C. Aitken, R. Young, P. Quinn, W. Reid, S. Reid, M. Stevenson, A. Weir, G. Lindsay, W. Hunter, A. Kerr
Burnley F.C. 1959-60
J. Talbot, T. Cummings, B. Miller, A. Blacklaw, R. Seith, J. Scott, W. White, G. Harris, J. Connelly, J. McIlroy, R. Pointer, J. Adamson, J. Robson, B. Pilkington, R. Fenton

FLE-170-3/ZJ9-3-2-1 Football Teams - Lion (sheet 4)  -  issue dated 21 November, 1959

Birmingham City F.C. 1959-60

R. Stubbs, R. Neal, G. Merrick, P. Murphy, J. Schofield, J. Watts, G. Allen, K. Fish (Trainer), B. Farmer, G. Astall, T. Smith, B. Larkin, J. Gordon, D. Jones, Mr. P. Beasley (Manager), B. Taylor, G. Sissons
Southampton F.C. 1959-60
B. Pask, B. Clifton, J. Page, P. Harley, W. Ellerington, R. Davies, B. Womack, K. Wilson, D. Pring, P. Kennedy, T. Simpson, E. Penzer, A. McLean, E. Davies, R. Charles, C. Holmes, D. Reeves, W. Maughan, W. Murray, C. Huxford, T. Traynor, J. Sydenham, T. Mulgrew, G. O'Brien, T. Paine, R. Conner, A. Heaney, D. Scurr

FLE-170-3/ZJ9-3-2-1 Football Teams - Lion (sheet 5)  -  issue dated 28 November, 1959

West Ham United F.C. 1959-60

J. Kirkup, W. Landsdowne, J. Bond, N. Dwyer, E. Gregory, B. Rhodes, K. Brown, N. Cantwell, R. Moore, D. Wragg, P. Woosnam, M. Grice, V. Keeble, J. Dik, M. Musgrove, A. Malcolm, H. Obeney
Leicester City F.C. 1959-60
D. Hines, K. Leek, J. Ogilvie, D. MacLaren, I. King, L. Chalmers, C. Appleton, K. Keyworth, A. Dowdells (Trainer), J. Baillie, A. Cheeseborough, I. Newman, J. Walsh, R. Stephenson, G. Wills, M. Gillies (Manager), T. McDonald, W. Cunningham

FLE-170-3/ZJ9-3-2-1 Football Teams - Lion (sheet 6)  -  issue dated 5 December, 1959

Bristol Rovers F.C. 1959-60
J. Watling, M. Norman, D. Pyle, G. Bradford, H. Radford, D. Hillard, R. Marbutt, D. Ward, A. Biggs, P. Hooper, B. Doyle, P. Sampson, G. Smith, G. Petherbridge, B. Jones
Airdrieonians F.C. 1959-60
W. Neil, J. Miller, J. Wallace, J. Quinn, D. Baillie, W. Johnston, G. Rankin, J. McGill, J. Sharkey, J. Storrie, G. Ormond


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