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Edicoes 7 Cores - Campeonato Mundial de 1962 (Mini Album 2)


Campeonato Mundial de 1962 (Mini Album 2)
Edicoes 7 Cores
24 cards

On the 15th Anniversary of Brazil's 1958 World Cup Victory, 7 Cores published 4 'mini albums' among them, this mini album 2 that was a modified version of the original album from 1962 (also published by Edicoes 7 Cores) entitled “Campeoes Copa do Mundo”.  The format of the album is different to the original, while the cards have similar front, they are much larger.  The checklist is also much shorter (consisting only of 24 cards compared to the original from 1962 that contained 72).  They came as a perforated sheet that were then supposed to be glued in the special album.

UPDATE (22-12-2019 23:08):  Steve Owens has provided a photo of the correct album cover, the photo I used is from the 1962 original album. The 1974 version is shown first and I've included the 1962 album for easier comparison.

1.  Altair Gomes De Figueiredo
2 Amarildo De Oliveira
3 Bellini - Hideraldo Luiz Bellini
4 Aymoré Moreira
5 Castilho - Carlos José De Castilho
6 Coutinho - Antonio Wilson Onorio
7 Didi - Waldir Pereira
8 Djalma Santos
9 Garrincha - Manoel Francisco Dos Santos
10 Gilmar Dos Santos Neves
11 Jair Da Costa
12 Jair Marinho
13 Jurandir De Freitas
14 Mauro Ramos De Oliveira
15 Menglavio Figueiro
16 Nilton Santos
17 Pelé - Edson Arantes Do Nascimento
18 Pepe - José Macia
19 Vava - Edvaldo Isidio Neto
20 Zagalo - Mario Jorge Lobo Zagalo
21 Zequinha - José Ferreira Franco
22 Zito - José Ely De Miranda
23 Zozimo Alves Calazans
24 Confederação Brasileira De Desportos

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