Tuesday, 3 February 2015

V.C.C. - Sportsmen and Other Notabilities II ~ Unnumbered

VAA-030 Sportsmen and Other Notabilities II ~ Unnumbered
V.C.C., 71 Roman Road, London, E3
72 cards (24 Footballers)

I have decided to start a new post showing the unnumbered cards that I have illustrations of, in the same order in which the numbered cards are shown in previous posts. This on-going series will only show the cards that are identical to the numbered series but are just missing the number on the front.
There is a third version of the V.C.C. cards where the typeface used for the name and team of the player is very similar to that used on the 24 Film Star cards that appear on numbers 49 to 72 in the numbered series. I only have illustrations of a couple of these and they'll be added to the blog later today.
You can check out the previous posts relating to the V.C.C. cards - http://cartophilic-info-exch.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/V.C.C.

V.C.C. - VAA-030  Sportsmen and Other Notabilities II ~ Unnumbered

1.  F. Gough (Sheffield)

2.  A. Thain (Chelsea)
3.  W.H. Smith (Huddersfield Town)
4.  F. Walden (Tottenham Hotspur)
7.  R. Butler (Bury)
8.  D. Raitt (Dundee)
9.  T. Wilson (Huddesfield Town) (sic)
10.  R. McDonald (Tottenham Hotspur)
11.  F. Penn (Fulham)
12.  P. Hopkins (Hartlepoole) (sic)
13.  J.T. Atkin (Derby County)
15.  J. Kerr (Brentford)
16.  H.A. White (Arsenal)
17.  H. Bagge (Fulham)
18.  J. Lythgoe (Norwich City)
19.  E.R. Robson (Portsmouth)
20.  J. Birch (Queens Park Rangers)
21.  W. Jennings (Luton Town)
22.  E. Simms (South Shields)
23.  D. Tremelling (Birmingham)
24.  E. Beeson (Wycombe Wanderers)

??.  A. Layton (Stockport County)
??.  E. Pilkington (Oldham Athletic)

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