Thursday, 5 February 2015

A. & J. Donaldson / R.T. Muat - Sports Favourites (2)


Sports Favourites
R.T. Muat, Pencuick 
21 cards

The complete checklist, you can find the original article here - A. & J. Donaldson / R.T. Muat - Sports Favourites.

A. Black (Manchester City)
A. Brown (Notts County)
G. Curtis (Southampton)
G. Dugdale (Everton)
C. Edwards (Bristol City)
M. Finlayson (Millwall)
E. Hinton (Fulham)
A. Juliussen (Everton)
Horace Lindrum (Snooker)  - in the style of the 2 snooker players in the main set
D. Lishman (Arsenal)
L. McDowall (Manchester City)
J. McKenzie (Partick Thistle)
J. Pemberton (West Bromwich Albion)  - in the style of No's 503-534
H. Potts (Burnley)
W. Walsh (Manchester City)
W. Wardle (Blackpool)
J.  Wharton (Manchester City)

Denis Law (Manchester United)
Robert Charlton (Manchester United)
Peter Osgood (Chelsea)
Geoff Hurst (West Ham United)

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