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Merlin - Eurostars 2004 Pocket Collection

Eurostars 2004 Pocket Collection
Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden
208 stickers

Further to the request from Igor Crnojevac here's the checklist for the European version, with most of them issued on sheets of six stickers, although the stickers numbered 2 and 12 were issued wrapped around pieces of chewing gum. This version was issued in at least 8 countries around Europe, possibly more, and a variety of covers were used. There are at least four different covers with Patrick Vieira as the centre player, one of which states 'Collection de Poche', which I presume is the French version? The other versions come from Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. Do you know of any others?

BG1.  Flag (Bulgaria)
BG2.  Chilikov (Bulgaria)
BG3.  Chilikov (Bulgaria)
BG4.  Jankovic (Bulgaria)
BG5.  Hristov (Bulgaria)
BG6.  Petrov, M (Bulgaria)
BG7.  Kirilov (Bulgaria)
BG8.  Chilikov (Bulgaria)
BG9.  Jankovic (Bulgaria)
BG10.  Kirilov (Bulgaria)
BG11.  Petrov, M (Bulgaria)
BG12.  Hristov (Bulgaria)

CH1.  Flag (Switzerland)
CH2.  Yakin, H (Switzerland)
CH3.  Yakin, M (Switzerland)
CH4.  Chapuisat (Switzerland)
CH5.  Frei (Switzerland)
CH6.  Celestini (Switzerland)
CH7.  Yakin, H (Switzerland)
CH8.  Chapuisat (Switzerland)
CH9.  Celestini (Switzerland)
CH10.  Yakin, M (Switzerland)
CH11.  Yakin, H (Switzerland)
CH12.  Frei (Switzerland)

CZ1.  Flag (Czech Republic)
CZ2.  Cech (Czech Republic)
CZ3.  Sionko (Czech Republic)
CZ4.  Baros (Czech Republic)
CZ5.  Cech (Czech Republic)
CZ6.  Grygera (Czech Republic)
CZ7.  Smicer (Czech Republic)
CZ8.  Grygera (Czech Republic)
CZ9.  Baros (Czech Republic)
CZ10.  Sionko (Czech Republic)
CZ11.  Cech (Czech Republic)
CZ12.  Smicer (Czech Republic)

DE1.  Flag (Germany)
DE2.  Ballack (Germany)
DE3.  Kahn (Germany)
DE4.  Schneider (Germany)
DE5.  Klose (Germany)
DE6.  Neuville (Germany)
DE7.  Ballack (Germany)
DE8.  Frings (Germany)
DE9.  Freier (Germany)
DE10.  Kahn (Germany)
DE11.  Neuville (Germany)
DE12.  Schneider (Germany)

DK1.  Flag (Denmark)
DK2.  Tomasson (Denmark)
DK3.  Rommedahl (Denmark)
DK4.  Helveg (Denmark)
DK5.  Jensen, N (Denmark)
DK6.  Jorgensen (Denmark)
DK7.  Henriksen (Denmark)
DK8.  Jensen, C (Denmark)
DK9.  Gravesen (Denmark)
DK10.  Sorensen (Denmark)
DK11.  Laursen (Denmark)
DK12.  Sand (Denmark)

EN1.  Flag (England)
EN2.  Beckham (England)
EN3.  James (England)
EN4.  Neville, G (England)
EN5.  Campbell (England)
EN6.  Terry (England)
EN7.  Cole, A (England)
EN8.  Scholes (England)
EN9.  Hargreaves (England)
EN10.  Owen (England)
EN11.  Rooney (England)
EN12.  Gerrard (England)

ES1.  Flag (Spain)
ES2.  Raul (Spain)
ES3.  Casillas (Spain)
ES4.  Salgado (Spain)
ES5.  Puyol (Spain)
ES6.  Valeron (Spain)
ES7.  Baraja (Spain)
ES8.  Albelda (Spain)
ES9.  Vicente (Spain)
ES10.  Reyes (Spain)
ES11.  Morientes (Spain)
ES12.  Helguera (Spain)

FR1.  Flag (France)
FR2.  Vieira (France)
FR3.  Dacourt (France)
FR4.  Gallas (France)
FR5.  Silvestre (France)
FR6.  Vieira (France)
FR7.  Gallas (France)
FR8.  Silvestre (France)
FR9.  Vieira (France)
FR10.  Gallas (France)
FR11.  Dacourt (France)
FR12.  Silvestre (France)

GR1.  Flag (Greece)
GR2.  Giannakopoulos (Greece)
GR3.  Dabizas (Greece)
GR4.  Gedrgiadis (Greece)
GR5.  Charisteas (Greece)
GR6.  Giannakopoulos (Greece)
GR7.  Karagounis (Greece)
GR8.  Choutos (Greece)
GR9.  Kyrgiakos (Greece)
GR10.  Fyssas (Greece)
GR11.  Karagounis (Greece)
GR12.  Charisteas (Greece)

HR1.  Flag (Croatia)
HR2.  Prso (Croatia)
HR3.  Olic (Croatia)
HR4.  Rapaic (Croatia)
HR5.  Tudor (Croatia)
HR6.  Leko (Croatia)
HR7.  Prso (Croatia)
HR8.  Srna (Croatia)
HR9.  Leko (Croatia)
HR10.  Olic (Croatia)
HR11.  Rapaic (Croatia)
HR12.  Tudor (Croatia)

IT1.  Flag (Italy)
IT2.  Del Piero (Italy)
IT3.  Buffon (Italy)
IT4.  Panucci (Italy)
IT5.  Cannavaro (Italy)
IT6.  Zanetti (Italy)
IT7.  Zambrotta (Italy)
IT8.  Perrotta (Italy)
IT9.  Inzaghi, F (Italy)
IT10.  Nesta (Italy)
IT11.  Vieri (Italy)
IT12.  Totti (Italy)

LV1.  Flag (Latvia)
LV2.  Verpakovskis (Latvia)
LV3.  Zemlinskis (Latvia)
LV4.  Lubanyov (Latvia)
LV5.  Rimkus (Latvia)
LV6.  Blagonadezoins (Latvia)
LV7.  Verpakovskis (Latvia)
LV8.  Zemlinskis (Latvia)
LV9.  Lubanyov (Latvia)
LV10.  Blagonadezoins (Latvia)
LV11.  Zemlinskis (Latvia)
LV12.  Rimkus (Latvia)

NL1.  Flag (Holland)
NL2.  de Boer, F (Holland)
NL3.  Cocu (Holland)
NL4.  van Hooijdonk (Holland)
NL5.  Overmars (Holland)
NL6.  van Bommel (Holland)
NL7.  Makaay (Holland)
NL8.  de Boer, F (Holland)
NL9.  van der Sar (Holland)
NL10.  Cocu (Holland)
NL11.  Makaay (Holland)
NL12.  Overmars (Holland)

PT1.  Flag (Portugal)
PT2.  Deco (Portugal)
PT3.  Boa Morte (Portugal)
PT4.  Couto (Portugal)
PT5.  Deco (Portugal)
PT6.  Postiga (Portugal)
PT7.  Rui Costa (Portugal)
PT8.  Viana (Portugal)
PT9.  Couto (Portugal)
PT10.  Postiga (Portugal)
PT11.  Rui Costa (Portugal)
PT12.  Boa Morte (Portugal)

RU1.  Flag (Russia)
RU2.  Ovchinnikov (Russia)
RU3.  Radimov (Russia)
RU4.  Ovchinnikov (Russia)
RU5.  Bulykin (Russia)
RU6.  Kerzhakov (Russia)
RU7.  Evseev (Russia)
RU8.  Ovchinnikov (Russia)
RU9.  Kerzhakov (Russia)
RU10.  Evseev (Russia)
RU11.  Radimov (Russia)
RU12.  Bulykin (Russia)

SE1.  Flag (Sweden)
SE2.  Svensson, A (Sweden)
SE3.  Hedman (Sweden)
SE4.  Svensson, A (Sweden)
SE5.  Nilsson (Sweden)
SE6.  Svensson, M (Sweden)
SE7.  Nilsson (Sweden)
SE8.  Hedman (Sweden)
SE9.  Svensson, A (Sweden)
SE10.  Svensson, M (Sweden)
SE11.  Nilsson (Sweden)
SE12.  Svensson, M (Sweden)

TT1. Luis Figo (Portugal)

TT2.  Dabizas (Greece)
TT3.  Raul (Spain)
TT4.  Bulykin (Russia)
TT5.  Vieira (France)
TT6.  Beckham  (England)
TT7.  H. Yakin (Turkey)
TT8.  Prso (Croatia)
TT9.  Svensson, A. (Sweden)
TT10. Hristov (Bulgaria)
TT11.  Gravesen (Denmark)
TT12.  Tudor (Italy)
TT13.  Baros (Czech Republic)
TT14.  Verpakovskis (Latvia)
TT15.  Ballack (Germany)
TT16.  Makaay (Holland)

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