Saturday, 7 February 2015

Merlin - England Eurostars 2004 Pocket Collection


England Eurostars 2004 Pocket Collection
214 stickers

I sometimes get requests to provide checklists and Igor Crnojevac has asked if I can publish one for this Merlin release. A collection of small stickers, with most of them issued on sheets of six stickers, although the stickers numbered 2 and 12 were issued wrapped around pieces of chewing gum. A similar collection was also issued in countries around Europe. A checklist for that set will follow later today.

BG1.  Flag (Bulgaria)

BG2.  Chilikov (Bulgaria)
BG3.  Chilikov (Bulgaria)
BG4.  Jankovic (Bulgaria)
BG5.  Hristov (Bulgaria)
BG6.  Petrov, M (Bulgaria)
BG7.  Kirilov (Bulgaria)
BG8.  Chilikov (Bulgaria)
BG9.  Jankovic (Bulgaria)
BG10.  Kirilov (Bulgaria)
BG11.  Petrov, M (Bulgaria)
BG12.  Hristov (Bulgaria)

CH1.  Flag (Switzerland)

CH2.  Yakin, H (Switzerland)
CH3.  Yakin, M (Switzerland)
CH4.  Chapuisat (Switzerland)
CH5.  Frei (Switzerland)
CH6.  Celestini (Switzerland)
CH7.  Yakin, H (Switzerland)
CH8.  Chapuisat (Switzerland)
CH9.  Celestini (Switzerland)
CH10.  Yakin, M (Switzerland)
CH11.  Yakin, H (Switzerland)
CH12.  Frei (Switzerland)

CZ1.  Flag (Czech Republic)

CZ2.  Cech (Czech Republic)
CZ3.  Sionko (Czech Republic)
CZ4.  Baros (Czech Republic)
CZ5.  Cech (Czech Republic)
CZ6.  Grygera (Czech Republic)
CZ7.  Smicer (Czech Republic)
CZ8.  Grygera (Czech Republic)
CZ9.  Baros (Czech Republic)
CZ10.  Sionko (Czech Republic)
CZ11.  Cech (Czech Republic)
CZ12.  Smicer (Czech Republic)

DE1.  Flag (Germany)

DE2.  Ballack (Germany)
DE3.  Kahn (Germany)
DE4.  Schneider (Germany)
DE5.  Klose (Germany)
DE6.  Neuville (Germany)
DE7.  Ballack (Germany)
DE8.  Frings (Germany)
DE9.  Freier (Germany)
DE10.  Kahn (Germany)
DE11.  Neuville (Germany)
DE12.  Schneider (Germany)

DK1.  Flag (Denmark)

DK2.  Tomasson (Denmark)
DK3.  Rommedahl (Denmark)
DK4.  Helveg (Denmark)
DK5.  Jensen, N (Denmark)
DK6.  Jorgensen (Denmark)
DK7.  Henriksen (Denmark)
DK8.  Jensen, C (Denmark)
DK9.  Gravesen (Denmark)
DK10.  Sorensen (Denmark)
DK11.  Laursen (Denmark)
DK12.  Sand (Denmark)

EN1.  Flag (England)

EN2.  Beckham (England)
EN3.  James (England)
EN4.  Neville, G (England)
EN5.  Campbell (England)
EN6.  Terry (England)
EN7.  Cole, A (England)
EN8.  Scholes (England)
EN9.  Hargreaves (England)
EN10.  Owen (England)
EN11.  Rooney (England)
EN12.  Gerrard (England)
EN13.  Scholes (England)
EN14.  Robinson (England)
EN15.  Johnson (England)
EN16.  Lampard (England)
EN17.  Bridge (England)
EN18.  Butt (England)
EN19.  Dyer (England)
EN20.  James (England)
EN21.  Beckham (England)
EN22.  Gerrard (England)
EN23.  Heskey (England)
EN24.  Owen (England)
EN25.  Rooney (England)
EN26.  Beattie (England)
EN27.  Hargreaves (England)
EN28.  Cole, A (England)
EN29.  Terry (England)
EN30.  Cole, J (England)
EN31.  Dyer (England)
EN32.  Lampard (England)
EN33.  Heskey (England)
EN34.  Beattie (England)

ES1.  Flag (Spain)

ES2.  Raul (Spain)
ES3.  Casillas (Spain)
ES4.  Salgado (Spain)
ES5.  Puyol (Spain)
ES6.  Valeron (Spain)
ES7.  Baraja (Spain)
ES8.  Albelda (Spain)
ES9.  Vicente (Spain)
ES10.  Reyes (Spain)
ES11.  Morientes (Spain)
ES12.  Helguera (Spain)

FR1.  Flag (France)

FR2.  Vieira (France)
FR3.  Dacourt (France)
FR4.  Gallas (France)
FR5.  Silvestre (France)
FR6.  Vieira (France)
FR7.  Gallas (France)
FR8.  Silvestre (France)
FR9.  Vieira (France)
FR10.  Gallas (France)
FR11.  Dacourt (France)
FR12.  Silvestre (France)

GR1.  Flag (Greece)

GR2.  Giannakopoulos (Greece)
GR3.  Dabizas (Greece)
GR4.  Gedrgiadis (Greece)
GR5.  Charisteas (Greece)
GR6.  Giannakopoulos (Greece)
GR7.  Karagounis (Greece)
GR8.  Choutos (Greece)
GR9.  Kyrgiakos (Greece)
GR10.  Fyssas (Greece)
GR11.  Karagounis (Greece)
GR12.  Charisteas (Greece)

HR1.  Flag (Croatia)

HR2.  Prso (Croatia)
HR3.  Olic (Croatia)
HR4.  Rapaic (Croatia)
HR5.  Tudor (Croatia)
HR6.  Leko (Croatia)
HR7.  Prso (Croatia)
HR8.  Srna (Croatia)
HR9.  Leko (Croatia)
HR10.  Olic (Croatia)
HR11.  Rapaic (Croatia)
HR12.  Tudor (Croatia)

IT1.  Flag (Italy)

IT2.  Del Piero (Italy)
IT3.  Buffon (Italy)
IT4.  Panucci (Italy)
IT5.  Cannavaro (Italy)
IT6.  Zanetti (Italy)
IT7.  Zambrotta (Italy)
IT8.  Perrotta (Italy)
IT9.  Inzaghi, F (Italy)
IT10.  Nesta (Italy)
IT11.  Vieri (Italy)
IT12.  Totti (Italy)

LV1.  Flag (Latvia)

LV2.  Verpakovskis (Latvia)
LV3.  Zemlinskis (Latvia)
LV4.  Lubanyov (Latvia)
LV5.  Rimkus (Latvia)
LV6.  Blagonadezoins (Latvia)
LV7.  Verpakovskis (Latvia)
LV8.  Zemlinskis (Latvia)
LV9.  Lubanyov (Latvia)
LV10.  Blagonadezoins (Latvia)
LV11.  Zemlinskis (Latvia)
LV12.  Rimkus (Latvia)

NL1.  Flag (Holland)

NL2.  de Boer, F (Holland)
NL3.  Cocu (Holland)
NL4.  van Hooijdonk (Holland)
NL5.  Overmars (Holland)
NL6.  van Bommel (Holland)
NL7.  Makaay (Holland)
NL8.  de Boer, F (Holland)
NL9.  van der Sar (Holland)
NL10.  Cocu (Holland)
NL11.  Makaay (Holland)
NL12.  Overmars (Holland)

PT1.  Flag (Portugal)

PT2.  Deco (Portugal)
PT3.  Boa Morte (Portugal)
PT4.  Couto (Portugal)
PT5.  Deco (Portugal)
PT6.  Postiga (Portugal)
PT7.  Rui Costa (Portugal)
PT8.  Viana (Portugal)
PT9.  Couto (Portugal)
PT10.  Postiga (Portugal)
PT11.  Rui Costa (Portugal)
PT12.  Boa Morte (Portugal)

RU1.  Flag (Russia)

RU2.  Ovchinnikov (Russia)
RU3.  Radimov (Russia)
RU4.  Ovchinnikov (Russia)
RU5.  Bulykin (Russia)
RU6.  Kerzhakov (Russia)
RU7.  Evseev (Russia)
RU8.  Ovchinnikov (Russia)
RU9.  Kerzhakov (Russia)
RU10.  Evseev (Russia)
RU11.  Radimov (Russia)
RU12.  Bulykin (Russia)

SE1.  Flag (Sweden)

SE2.  Svensson, A (Sweden)
SE3.  Hedman (Sweden)
SE4.  Svensson, A (Sweden)
SE5.  Nilsson (Sweden)
SE6.  Svensson, M (Sweden)
SE7.  Nilsson (Sweden)
SE8.  Hedman (Sweden)
SE9.  Svensson, A (Sweden)
SE10.  Svensson, M (Sweden)
SE11.  Nilsson (Sweden)
SE12.  Svensson, M (Sweden)


  1. Hi Alan
    I have an unopened shop display box of these stickers...still in cellophane wrap. Would you have any incline of how much this might be worth (obviously very much ball park guestimate)?
    I dont know if any of the stickers in the set are anything special so I am guessing not.


    1. Hi Wayne,

      An awkward question for first thing on Friday morning. They are only small stickers, I'm not sure how many packets in a box, there aren't many on eBay but a bundle of 12 packs sold for just under £4.

      Sorry I'm not much help, I'm not a dealer and have very little interest in prices unless it's something I'm buying for my own collection.


    2. Very late "thank you Alan" :)


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