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William Collins & Son - Famous Footballers ~ Herriot Series (2)


Famous Footballers ~ Herriot Series
William Collins & Son
24 postcards

Dave Soper has been in touch regarding this collection of postcards. I had previously listed 21 of them...

I was doing some research about my collection of postcards, I came across your web site and noticed your article on the Herriott Series.
I believe there must have been 24 cards produced, I happen to have 23 of them. All in almost mint condition, I also have the original envelopes they came in. Its looks like there are 3 missing from your list of 21.
I am missing Jacky Robertson (Rangers). It would be great if I could find that and have the complete set!
From what little I know about these cards I believe they must be quite rare, I have only seen 1 online for sale before and that went for £65. I don't know how many there are in the hands of collectors, but I suspect there are not many complete sets around?
You have permission to publish them on the web site  if you wish.
Dave Soper
If anyone has a Jacky Robertson card available I'm sure Dave would be pleased to hear from you. Let me know and I'll put Dave in touch. 
You can see a reproduction of the Jacky Robertson postcard here - Murray Collection / Third Eye Centre, Glasgow - Scottish Football 1872-1914 (Postcards) (2)

T. Baddeley (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

Stephen Bloomer (Derby County)
Bernard Breslin (Hibernians)   -   added
A. Chadwick (Southampton)
J.W. Crabtree (Aston Villa)
J.E. Doig (Sunderland)
W.J. Foulke (Sheffield United)
C.B. Fry (Corinthians)
A.E. Houlker (Southampton)
R.S. M'Coll (Newcastle United)
A. M'Combie (Sunderland)
Ernest Needham (Sheffield United)
John Plant (Bury)
A.G. Raisbeck (Liverpool)
Jacky Robertson (Rangers)
Alex Smith (Rangers)
G.O. Smith (Corinthians)
F. Speedie (Rangers)   -   added
H. Spencer (Aston Villa)
J.F. Templeton (late of Queens Park)
H. Thickett (Sheffield United)
Robert Walker (Heart of Midlothian)   -   added
J. Watson (Sunderland)
David Wilson (Queens Park)


  1. What year were these published please?

  2. The Steve Bloomer one in particular.

    1. Hi Paul,

      I believe they were all issued at the same time.



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