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Ty-Phoo Tea - TYP-290-2 / SUM-44a Famous Football Clubs ~ 2nd Series

TYP-290-2 / SUM-44a Famous Football Clubs ~ 2nd Series
Ty-Phoo Tea
24 cards in each set

TYP-290-2 / SUM-44a Famous Football Clubs - 2nd Series - Package issue  -  with SECOND SERIES printed above the card
TYP-290-2 / SUM-44a Famous Football Clubs - 2nd Series - Package issue  -  without SECOND SERIES printed above the card
TYP-290-1 / SUM-56-2 Famous Football Clubs - 2nd Series - Premium issue 

The premium team photos were different from those printed on the packages. Most of the package type seem to be cut down to the team photo, it's better to get the full side of the packet which also includes a brief history of the featured club. Ideally a complete uncut package would make a really nice addition to any collection, but these don't seem to show up very often. As always illustrations are not always to scale. In this second series the package design can be found with and without 'SECOND SERIES' printed just above the team photo. The large coloured team photo measures 8" x 10" while the small team photo is roughly cigarette card size.
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TYP-290-2 / SUM-44a Famous Football Clubs - 2nd Series - Package issue

01.  Arsenal
Skirton, Howe, Wilson, Furnell, Snedden, Ure, Simpson, Anderson, Clarke, Baker, Eastham, Court, McCullough, Armstrong, Sammels
02.  Aston Villa
Deakin, Lee, Wilson, Sleeuwenhoek, Chatterley, Withers, Tindall, Aitken, Mr. Taylor (Manager), MacEwan, Horne, Wylie, Hateley, Woosnam, MacLeod, Mr. Baxter (Trainer), Baker, Wright
03.  Birmingham City
Thwaites, Foster, Schofield, Hennessey, Latchford, Leek, Sharples, Lynn, Green, Fenton, Thomson, Vowden, Page, Bullock, F, Regan, Rushton, Bullock, M, Martin, Vincent
04.  Blackburn Rovers
Blore, Byrom, Bradshaw, McGrath, England, Bray, Else, Sims, Joyce, Ferguson, McEvoy, Douglas, Clayton, Jones, Newton, Harrison
05.  Burnley
O'Neil, Elder, Walker, Blacklaw, Robson, Adamson, Price, Bellamy, Smith, Thomson, Miller, Talbot, Angus, Lockhead, Morgan, Pointer, Irvine, Harris, Towers
06.  Celtic
Young, Gemmell, Fallon, Clark, McNeill, Kennedy, Johnstone, Murdoch, Chalmers, Gallagher, Lennox
07.  Chelsea
Hollins, Knox, McCalliog, Harris Hinton, Upton, Graham Mortimore, Dunn, Bonetti, Tambling, Murray, Houseman, Venables, Bridges, Osgood
08.  Everton
Temple, Brown, Hill, West, Gabriel, Ransom, Wright, Scott, Parker, Harris, Young, Stevens, Labone, Harvey, Morrisey, Wilson
09.  Fulham
Robson, Kietch, Macedo, Cohen, Brown, Langley, Howfield, Cook, Marsh, Haynes, Chamberlain
10.  Glasgow Rangers
Shearer, Caldow, Provan, Ritchie, Greig, Mackinnon, Baxter, Henderson, McMillan, McLean, Millar, Forrest, Brand, Wilson
11.  Leeds United
Bell, Hunter, Reaney, Charlton, Greenhoff, Cooper, Peacock, Lawson, Sprake, Don Revie (Manager), Williamson, Mmadeley, Wright, Bremner, Giles, Storrie, Collins, Henderson, Weston, Johnson
12.  Leicester City
King, Cross, Sjoberg, Heyes, Banks, Chalmers, Stringfellow, Appleton, Hodgson, Roberts, Goodfellow, Norman, Gibson, McDerment, Sweene
13.  Liverpool
Milne, Byrne, Lawreance, Lawler, Yeats, Stevenson, Callaghan, Hunt, St. John, Smith, Thompson, Mmadeley
14.  Manchester City
Gomersall, Kevan, Cheetham, Dowd, Wood, Shawcross, Murray, Kennedy, Bacuzzi, Sear, Oakes, Wagstaffe, Pardoe, Gray
15.  Manchester United
Foulkes, Sadler, P. Dunne, Brennan, Moore, Graham, Crerand, Cantwell, Connelly, Stiles, Charlton, Law, A. Dunne, Herd, Best
16.  Nottingham Forest
Mocham, Hindley, Grummitt, McKinlay, Crowe, Whitefoot, Moore, Addison, Wignall, Barnwell, Hinton, Newton
17.  Sheffield United
Badger, Richardsob, J. Shaw, McDonaldson, Matthewson, G. Shaw, Woodward, Kettleborough, Jones, Birchenll, Hartle
18.  Sheffield Wednesday
Megson, Smith, Hill, Springett, Eustace, Horton, Morley, Wilkinson, Fantham, Quinn, Dobson
19.  Stoke City
Ritchie, Kinnell, Asprey, Leslie, Setters, Barratt, Palmer, Allen, Dobing, Vernon, McIlroy, Viollet, Matthews, Burrows, Skeels
20.  Sunderland
Irwin, Parke, Ashurst, Harvet, McLaughlin, Hurley, McNab, Rooks, Usher, Hellawell, Herd, Hogg, Sharkey, Mulhall
21.  Tottenham Hotspur
L. Brown, Clayton, W. Brown, Mullery, Knowles, Robertson, Gilzean, Henry, Greaves, Jones, Dyson
22.  West Bromwich Alb
Kaye, W. Williams, Carter, Potter, Fairfax, Jones, Cram, Simpson, C. Crawford, Hope, G. Williams, Clark, Fraser, R. Crawford, Foggo, Horshall, Fudge, Astle
23.  West Ham United
Brown, Bond, Standen, Burkett, Bovington, Moore, Brabrook, Boyce, Byrne, Hurst, Sissons
24.  Wolverhampton W
Mr. Beattie, Harris, Woodruff, Davies, Woodfield, Kirkham, Wharton, W. Gardner, Thompson, Knowles, Thomson, Flowers, McIlmoyle, Miller, Wagstaffe

TYP-290-1 / SUM-56-2 Famous Football Clubs - 2nd Series - Premium issue

01.  Arsenal F.C.
Groves, Skirton, McCullough, Brown, McClelland, R.Wilson, Strong, Snedden, Bacuzzi, Court, Neill, Baker, Clarke, Barnwell, MacLeod, Eastham, Magill, Armstrong
02.  Aston Villa F.C.
Aitken, Bradley, Withers, Pountney, Deakin, Baker, Chatterley, Hateley, Woosnam, Wylie, McLeod
03.  Birmingham City F.C.
Page, Martin, Sharples, Schofield, Lynn, Green, Foster, Beard , Fenton, Vowden, Thomson, Jackson, Bullock, Thwaites, Fraser
04.  Blackburn Rovers F.C.
Douglas, Byrom, Newton, Else, Joyce, Sharples, McGarth, Ferguson, England, Clayton, McEvoy, Harrison
05.  Burnley F.C.
Smith, Talbot, Blacklaw, Elder, Thomson, Harris, O'Neil, Bellamy, Morgan, Lochead, MIller, Irvine, Angus, Towers
06.  Glasgow Celtic F.C.
Young, Kennedy, Fallon, Murdoch, McNeill, Clark, Johnstone, Lennox Chalmers, Auld, Hughes
07.  Chelsea F.C.
Medhurst (Trainer), Murray, Hinton, Mortimore, Osgood, Barron, Bonetti, Harris, Shellito, McCreadie, Boyle, McCalliog, Bridges, Graham, Venables, Houseman, Tambling, Hollins
08.  Everton F.C.
Pickering, Temple, Brown, Hill, West, Gabriel, Wright, Scott, Parker, Heslop, Harris, Young, Stevens, Labone, Harvey, Morrissey, Wilson
09.  Fulham F.C.
Keetch, Robson, McCelland, Cohen, Langley, Brown, Key, Marsh, Cook, Haynes, O'Connell
10.  Rangers F.C.
Caldow, Hynd, Provan, Martin, Ritchie, MacKinnon, Greig, Wood, Henderson, McLean , Millar, Forrest, Baxter, Brand, Johnston, Wilson
11.  Leeds United F.C.
Billy Bremner, Paul Madeley, Bell, Gary Sprake, Paul Reaney, Norman Hunter, Greenhoff, Weston, Storrie, Giles, Terry Cooper, Bobby Collins, Peacock, Jack Charlton, Johanneson, Johnson
12.  Leicester City F.C.
King, Cross, Norman, Banks, Hayes, Stingfellow, Sjoberg, McDerment, Appleton, Hodgson, Gibson, Roberts, Sweenie, Walker, Goodfellow
13.  Liverpool F.C.
Milne, Byrne, Lawrence, Yeats, Lawler, Stevenson, Callaghan, Hunt, St . John, Smith, Thompson
14.  Manchester City F.C.
Bacuzzi, Doyle, Ogley, Crossan, Gomersall, Young, Oakes, Wood, Kennedy, Connor, Pardoe
15.  Manchester United F.C.
Shay Brennan, Nobby Stiles, Tony Dunne , Pat Dunne, Bill Foulkes, Paddy Crerand, Connelly, David Herd , Denis Law, Bobby Charlton, George Best
16.  Nottingham Forest F.C.
Mochan, Newton, Grummitt, McKinlay, Hindley, Whitefoot, Burkitt, Crowe, Addison, Wignall, Barnwell, Hinton
17.  Sheffield United F.C.
Matthewson, Richardson, Hodgkinson, J. Shaw, Badger, G. Shaw, Wagstaff, Kettleborough, Jones, Birchenall, Hartle
18.  Sheffield Wednesday F.C.
Megson, Smith, Hill, Springett, Eustace, Hickton , Mobley, Wilkinson, Fantham, Quinn, Dobson
19.  Stoke City F.C.
Mountford, Ritchie, Kinnell, Asprey, Leslie, Setters, Sheratt, Palmer, Allen, Bloor, Waddington, Dobing, Vernon, McIlroy, Viollet, Matthews, Burrows, Skeels
20.  Sunderland F.C.
McNab, Parke, Harvey, McLaughlan, Hurley, Ashurst, Irwin, Hellawell, Herd, Hood, Sharkey, Mulhall
21.  Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
Mullary, Clayton, L. Brown, W. Brown, Henry, Knowles, Robertson, Greaves, Saul, Gilzean, Jones
22.  West Bromwich Albion F.C.
Howshall, Jones, Potter, Cram, Astle, Fraser, Foggo, Kaye, Williams, Clark, Hope
23.  West Ham United F.C.
Brown, Bond, Peters, Standen, Burkett, Moore, Brabrook, Boyce, Byrne, Hurst, Sissons
24.  Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.
Kirkham, Woodford, Thomson, MacLaren, Davies, Miller, Haris, Wharton, Woodruff, Mcllmoyle, Flowers, Knowles, Buckley, Wagstaffe

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