Monday, 5 January 2015

Unknown issuer - Footballers

Unknown issuer
Unknown number

Kalyan Negal has sent in some photos of a few cards he has come across, wondering if I knew where they come from. I've never seen them before and I have listed them as Barcelona cards, but they may include other teams from La Liga as Adriano is numbered 124 and the L.F.P. logo also appears on the cards. The photos aren't very good but I was wondering if anyone can identify them?
UPDATE (11-04-2022 21:58):  Stefan has provided a further list of 10 cards.

124.  Adriano
127.  Villa (Barcelona)
148.  Villa (Barcelona)
161.  Puyol (Barcelona)
333.  Daniel Alves (Barcelona)
348.  Villa (Barcelona)
811.  Higuain (Real Madrid)
816.  Coentrao (Real Madrid)
818.  Pepe (Real Madrid)
819.  Khedira (Real Madrid)
825.  Higuain (Real Madrid)



  1. It is not only Barcelona players in this set. I have the following cards:

    127 Villa (Barcelona), 148 Villa (Barcelona), 161 Puyol (Barcelona), 333 Daniel Alves (Barcelona), 348 Villa (Barcelona), 811 Higuain (Real Madrid), 816 Coentrao (Real Madrid), 818 Pepe (Real Madrid), 819 Khedira (Real Madrid), 825 Higuain (Real Madrid)


    1. Thank you Stefan, as you might have guessed, I don't know much about these cards.


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