Sunday, 11 January 2015

News Chronicle and Dispatch - NEW-310-1 / NFK-4-01 Pocket Portraits (Footballers) (3) Bury F.C.


NEW-310-1 / NFK-4-01 Pocket Portraits (Footballers) ~ Bury F.C.
News Chronicle and Dispatch
805 cards (at least)

I've had an e-mail from Baz Warburton regarding some Bury cards in the News Chronicle Pocket Portraits series... I had one reverse back for a long time and thought it was just a one off, but recently I bought a few others, so that I now have nearly half the set! I have no idea if they're rare, misprints, just specific to the Shakers' set or what.  Any information gleaned from members of your site would be greatfully received.  Like you say, it might open up a whole lot of new collecting!
I've never come across any reference to cards with inverted backs. I've looked back through trade card handbooks and old catalogues without coming across any mention of them.

Henry Cockburn
Donald May
Norman Nielson
Billy Redman
Johnny Robinson
Don Wilson

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