Friday, 16 January 2015

Aller Læser Service (Denmark) - Engelsk Tips-Fodbold 90-91


Engelsk Tips-Fodbold 90-91
Aller Læser Service / Euroflash
285 stickers

Mark Hughesdon is contacted me regarding this collection...
Do you have any details regarding the attached Danish album? It seems to mirror The Sun/Euroflash album 90-91 but is also different in at least one respect – Lars Elstrup is not found in the English version.
I was wondering if you had a checklist so that I could see who he replaced in the Luton line-up or was he extra.
This sticker is No.1 on my wants list!
Unfortunately, I am unable to help. Can anyone supply a checklist for this collection?


  1. Please see message sent in Messenger to Football Cartophilic Info Exchange

  2. Hi Tommy,

    Sorry, I never check Facebook, I set up a long time ago but never open it. Thanks for the photos, if they were much larger I would be able to compile a checklist from them.


    1. Hi Alan

      I have them in a much larger version, but then you have du send me you e-mail in Messenger.


    2. Hi Tommy,

      My e-mail address is


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