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Danckelman & Schrader / Cigarillos Londres (Uruguay) - Football Club Flags (Silks) (3)

Football Club Flags (Silks)
Danckelman & Schrader / Cigarellos Londres
23 silks

More amendments for this listing. I've taken out the lower numbers as they are from a separate sub-set which I'll cover later. I've added descriptions for all the flags to help with identification. Captions in black italics, numbered from 171 to 193.

171.  Montevideo “Reformers” Football Club  ('R.F.C.' on diagonal green stripe on white flag)

172.  Montevideo Wanderers Football Club  ('M.W.F.C.' on white flag)
173.  Montevideo Defensor Football Club  ('D.F.C.' on purple flag)
174.  Montevideo Club Atletico Peñarol  (No caption - stars in square top left, gold & black horizontal striped flag)
175.  Montevideo Universal Football Club ('Universal - F. Club' on white diagonal stripe, green & white vertical striped flag)
176.  Montevideo Clun Nacional de  Football  (' F.' in red on white diagonal stripe on blue flag)
177.  Montevideo Central  Football Club  (White diagonal stripe, red and white vertical stripes)
178.  Montevideo River Plate Football Club  ('R.P.F.C.' on red & white horizontal striped flag)
179.  Montevideo Bristol Football Club  ('B.F.C.' on red and black horizontal striped flag)
180.  Montevideo Club Atletico Independencia  ('CAI' on blue, white, blue vertical striped flag)
181.  Montevideo Centro Sportivo Oriental Focitos (Division Intermedia) ('CSOP 1912' in white circle on blue flag)
182.  Montevideo Belgrano Oriental F.C.  (Division Intermedia) ('B.O.F.C.' on flag)  
183.  Montevideo Belgrano Football Club (Division Intermedia) (Plain green flag)
184.  Montevideo Dublin F. Club  (Division Intermedia)  ('D.F.C.' on diagonal red stripe on white flag)
185.  Montevideo Uruguay Onward Football Club (Division Intermedia)  ('UOFC' on striped white/yellow/white flag)
186.  Montevideo Charley F.C. (Division Intermedia)  ('Charley F.C' on white centre of flag with blue corners)
187.  Montevideo Rampla Junior F. Club  1915  (Division Intermedia)  ('RJFC' on green flag with red square at centre)
188.  Montevideo Club Atletico Cagancha  1915 Division 3A Extra ('C.A.C.'in white on red diagonal band on white flag)
189.  Montevideo Triumph F.C.  1915  (Division Intermedia)  ('F' &'C' in yellow & 'T' & football in white, triangles)
190.  Montevideo Libertad Football Club - Montevideo 1915 (Division Intermedia)  ('L','F','C','M' on football on red & green horizontal stripes)
191.  Montevideo Sud America F. Club  1915  (Division Intermedia)  ('S.A.F.C.' on yellow flag with black corners)
192.  Montevideo Ballor A.C.  Division Intermedia  ('Ballor A.C.' on the flag)
193.  Montevideo F. Club  Division 3A extra  ('M', 'F' & 'C' on the flag)

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