Thursday, 25 December 2014

Soccer Weekly - 2014 Football Cards (6)

2014 Football Cards
Football/Soccer Weekly - 足球周刊
8 cards

Lee West has sent in details about some of these cards, but we are still looking to identify the two missing ones though. I believe that these cards are available by taking out a subscription to the magazine.

2014-T1 (8-1).  Cristiano Ronaldo

2014-T1 (8-2).  Franck Ribery
2014-T1 (8-3).  
2014-T1 (8-4).  Neymar
2014-T1 (8-5).  
2014-T1 (8-6).  Arjen Robben
2014-T1 (8-7).  Wayne Rooney
2014-T1 (8-8).  Xavier Hernandez

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