Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Liebig - F1394 Italian Festivals (English) / Fêtes Populaires Italiennes (French) / Italiaanische Volkespelen (Dutch) / Feste (Italian)


F1394 Italian Festivals (English)
F1394 Fêtes Populaires Italiennes (French)
F1394 Italiaanische Volkespelen (Dutch)
F1394 Feste (Italian)
Belgium, France, Italy, UK
6 cards (1 Calcio)

Only one card of interest to football collectors, showing a game of Calcio in Florence. Calcio is what Italians call football, but this original version of Calcio is more in keeping with the medieval forms of football played in the United Kingdom during the Middle Ages. Michelangelo's statue of David watches over the action. An annual Calcio tournament still takes place in the city of Florence. My wife and I were lucky enough to be visiting the city when the tournament took place. It had been postponed from it's original date, which was very fortunate for us. The pre-tournament parade through the streets of that beautiful city is a spectacular event. I've only been able to find images of two of the different language versions.

6.  Le Jeu du a «Calcio» a Florence (French)
6.  Het Calcio-spel te Florence (Dutch)
6.  Il gioco del calcio a Firenze (Italian)

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