Saturday 27 December 2014

Liebig (Italy) - F1811 Campionato Mondiali di Calcio


F1811 Campionato Mondiali di Calcio
6 cards

There has been a lot written about Liebig cards, various catalogues have been compiled and this collection has a variety of catalogue numbers - Fada - F1811; Italien company Milan - MX289; Sanguinetti - S1814; DVV 1977 - DB459.

UPDATE (30-12-2015):  More information on card no. 5 has been added, thanks to Gregory Graetz.

1.  La Coppa Rimet

2.  Vittoria Azzuria a Roma 1934
3.  Trionfo Azzurro a Parigi 1938
4.  Il C.U. Vittorio Pozzo… Parigi 1938
5.  L'arbito Ortlandini fra… Berne 1954 - Fritz Walter (Germany) and Ferenc Puskás (Hungary)   -   updated   -  thanks to Gregory Graetz
6.  Stoccolma… 1958

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