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Ardath Tobacco - Photocards ~ Series A/B/C/D/E/F/Z/Supplementary (2)


Photocards - Series A - Lancashire Football Teams
Photocards - Series B - North Eastern Football Teams
Photocards - Series C - Yorkshire Football Teams
Photocards - Series D - Scottish Football Teams
Photocards - Series E - Midlands Football Teams
Photocards - Series F - Southern Football Teams
Photocards - Series Z - Sport & General Interest
Photocards - Supplementary Series
Ardath Tobacco
100, 110, 110, 165, 110, 110, 4, 11 cards

Gordon Sydney has been doing some detective work on a Clyde team photo issued by Ardath...

During the course of my research into the history of the club there are frequent occasions when I’m left with a dilemma, when it’s impossible to determine the accuracy (or otherwise) of conflicting information. However, one small notable success recently came with regards to the Clyde FC Team Group pictured in the card above (published by Ardath, it’s not too difficult to obtain on the internet). If we assume that the eleven players in the picture, as named on the rear of the card, were the eleven that played that day, and we agree that the picture was taken at Shawfield, then the only time that team played together in a home match was on the 24th of August 1935. We were at home to Arbroath, and whilst the weather looks fine and sunny, as you would expect for late August, the game didn’t match the weather, at least from a Clyde perspective. Two down at half time, not even a word or two from Mattha Gemmell could gee up the Bully Wee, and it was Arbroath that went three up before John McCulloch (front row far right) got our consolation in the 88th minute. Still, at least I got a decent result here!

Photocards - Series D - Scottish Football Teams

137.  Clyde F.C.

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