Wednesday 24 December 2014

Kellogg's Golden Crackles - A Question of Sport


A Question of Sport
Kellogg's Golden Crackles
6 booklets

Six little booklets, numbered 1 to 6, with questions and a picture board. It's the picture board I am interested in as most of them will include a footballer. I know it's a big ask, but can anyone supply details? Bill Beaumont, David Coleman and Ian Botham are shown on the front.

3.  Picture Board - Bryan Robson in a suit co-commentating; Mystery Personality - Paul Gascoigne as Father Christmas  
4.  Picture Board - John Barnes; One Minute Round - West Germany winning 1990 World Cup 
5.  Picture Board - David Seaman   -   added 03-04-2022  -  thanks to an anonymous comment
6.  Picture Board - Chris Waddle (Olympique de Marseille) and David Platt (England); One Minute Round - Paul Gascoigne injury in 1991 F.A. Cup Final

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  1. 5. Picture Board contains one footballer - David Seamen.


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