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P.A. Adolph (Subbutteo) - Soccer Market (2)


Soccer Market
P.A. Adolph (Subbutteo)
44 cards

This is the first version of Soccer Market. The four teams here were the four champions of the Football League in 1947-48. Apparently Peter Adolph who invented Subbuteo was a Queens Park Rangers fan.

Arsenal £100,000

Arsenal - Goalkeeper
Arsenal - Left Back
Arsenal - Right Back
Arsenal - Left Half
Arsenal - Centre Half
Arsenal - Right Half
Arsenal - Outside Left
Arsenal - Inside Left
Arsenal - Centre Forward
Arsenal - Inside Right
Arsenal - Outside Right

Birmingham £85,000
Birmingham - Goalkeeper
Birmingham - Left Back
Birmingham - Right Back
Birmingham - Left Half
Birmingham - Centre Half
Birmingham - Right Half
Birmingham - Outside Left
Birmingham - Inside Left
Birmingham - Centre Forward
Birmingham - Inside Right
Birmingham - Outside Right

Queens Park Rangers £70,000
Queens Park Rangers - Goalkeeper
Queens Park Rangers - Left Back
Queens Park Rangers - Right Back
Queens Park Rangers - Left Half
Queens Park Rangers - Centre Half
Queens Park Rangers - Right Half
Queens Park Rangers - Outside Left
Queens Park Rangers - Inside Left
Queens Park Rangers - Centre Forward
Queens Park Rangers - Inside Right
Queens Park Rangers - Outside Right

Lincoln City £60,000
Lincoln City - Goalkeeper
Lincoln City - Left Back
Lincoln City - Right Back
Lincoln City - Left Half
Lincoln City - Centre Half
Lincoln City - Right Half
Lincoln City - Outside Left
Lincoln City - Inside Left
Lincoln City - Centre Forward
Lincoln City - Inside Right
Lincoln City - Outside Right

All Rounder

Blank card
Blank card
Blank card

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