Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Union Cigarettenfabrik - König Fussball (06)

König Fussball
Union Cigarettenfabrik, Dresden
Unknown number

Paul Chauveau has been in touch regarding the two cards shown above, that have appeared in previous posts.
I recently purchased the "McPhail" card in this set because it also shows Ted Sagar in goal for England.
The photo on the card is a well known image from the England v Scotland match at Wembley in April 1936 and can be found on the net. The interesting thing is that Tommy Walker scored the penalty for Scotland and McPhail didn't even appear in the match.
That leads me to the "McCulloch" card and I notice that it is implied that the keeper is Ted Sagar and this is from the same match, If it is it seems that he has changed his kit at half time?
Regards, Paul

Mc. Cullock (sic - McCulloch) - Scotland
Mc. Phails (sic - McPhail) - Scotland

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