Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Unknown issuer (Brazil) - 2014 Brasil FIFA World Cup

2014 Brasil FIFA World Cup
Unknown issuer
Unknown number

Another collection issued for the 2014 World Cup. No idea where they were issued, though I've guessed at Brazil. I'd be grateful for any information about this collection. Thanks.

Jade Bronson North (Australia)
Daniel Alves (Brazil)
Frederico Chaves Guedes (Brasil)
Thiago Emiliano da silva (Brasil)
Samuel Eto'o Fils (Camarões)
Alexandre Dimitri Song (Camarões)
Lee Young-Pyo (Corea Do Sul)
Soo Hueng-Min (Corea Do Sul)
Tae Whan-Kim (Corea Do Sul)
Bruno Martins Indi (Holanda)
Robin van Persie (Holanda)

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