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Pals - PAL-260 / PAL-2 Football Series


PAL-260 / PAL-2 Football Series
12 cards

John Flynn has requested information about the Football Team collections issued by Pals magazine in the early 1920's.  There were three different series and this is the checklist for the first one.

UPDATE (17-8-2016 12:12):  Scans of the Notts Forest and Aston Villa cards added, thanks to Roger Pashby. Stoke, Glasgow Rangers, Chelsea and West Bromwich Albion also added, making this a complete illustrated checklist, though the W.B.A. card is a bit ropey.
UPDATE (12-09-2016 12:25):  The photo of the West Bromwich Albion card has been replaced by a much better scan, kindly provided by Roger Pashby.

01.  Liverpool F.C.

Chambers, McNabb, Scott, Wadsworth, T. Bromilaw, Forshaw, Lacy, Longworth, McKinley, Lucas, Hopkin, Patterson, Shone, Lewis
02.  Nottingham Forest F.C.
Ronald, Martin, F. Parker, Bulling, Dennis, Thom, Atkinson, B. Norris (Trainer), Montgomery (Asst. Trainer), Green, R. Parker, Mills Hardy, Nelis, Thompson, R.J. Marsters (Sec.), Jones, Gibson, Belton, Boyman, Burton, Spavin, (Inset) J. Armstrong (Captain)   -   updated   -  thanks to Roger Pashby
03.  Aston Villa F.C.
Johnstone, Miles, Jackson, Smart, Cooch, Jones, Ramsay, Harkins, Mort, Kirton, Dickson, Brett, Moss, Blackburn, Capewell, Dorrell, Walker
04.  Cardiff City F.C.
Page, Brittan, Evans, Davies, Smith, J. Evans, Grimshaw, Gill, Blair, Clennell, Hardy
05.  Stoke F.C.
T. Broad, G.Clarke, R.M. Grory, G. Brookes, A. Milne, J.E. Beswick, R. Smith, F. Groves, J. Broad, A. Watkin, W. Tempest
06.  Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
W.Minter, Smith, Clay, Blake, Grimsdell, Walters, McDonald, Walden, Seed, Cantrell, Thompson, Dimmock, 
07.  Middlesbrough F.C.
Birrell, McGee, Dowson, Hirehouse, Brown, Harrison, Young, Barker, Donaghey, Pincher, Fox, Williamson, W. Carr, J. Davidson, G. Carr, C. Cole (Trainer), J. Howie (Manager), Marshall, Wilson, S. Davidson (Captain), G.E. Elliott, Ellerington, H. Glasper
08.  Glasgow Rangers F.C.
Lawson, Reid, Roberts, Jamieson, Gould, Walls, Rollo, Hansen, Laird, Kirkwood, Nicholson, Smith, Cairns, Robb, Meiklejohn, Johnston, Dixon, Livingstone, Archibald, McCandless, Muirhead, Manderson, Cunningham, Henderson, Morton
09.  Everton F.C.
Hart, Brewster, Peacock, Fern, McDonald, Chedgzoy, Harrison, Downs, Irvine, Forber, Williams
10.  Chelsea F.C.
Finlayson, Hutchinson, Priestley, Grey, Marsh, Hampton, Barrett, Linfoot, Bennett, Palmer, Ferguson, Meehan, Dale, Harrison, Few, Thain, Ferguson, Holling, Whiteley, Calderhead, Ford, Lee, Armstrong, Wilding, Baker, Sillito, Alsop, Langton, Smith, Haywood, Sharp, Ashford, Cock, Harrow, Cameron, Duncan, Smith, McNeil
11.  Burnley F.C.
Lane, Anderson, Dawson, Basnett, E. Tate, Taylor, A. Cooper, Fisher, R. Kelly, Watson (Capt.), Emerson, Cross, Mosscrop, Smelt
12.  West Bromwich Albion F.C.
Adams, J. Pennington, Jones, Richardson, Pearson, Ashmore, Reed, T. Gopsill, Dutton, Bowser, McNeal, Smith, Morris, Magee, Gregory, Crisp, Blood, Wilson, Davies, James.

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