Friday, 15 August 2014

Perry Colour Books Ltd. - Stars of Football - Signature Series

Stars of Football - Signature Series
Perry Colour Books Ltd.

Paul Briers has very kindly sent in scans of all the pages from this little book. Stars of Football utilises 15 illustrations by Tom Kerr, each with a facsimile autograph.

Ronald Burgess

Samuel Bartram
Alan Brown
Horatio Carter
Tom Finney
Christopher Duffy
Stanley Cullis
Neil Franklin
Bill Hughes
Tommy Lawton
George Hardwick
A.R. MacAuley
Albert Stubbins
Frank Swift
Stanley Matthews


  1. Can anyone please tell me the year this book was published.
    I have this Beautiful Rare little book in almost Mint Condition.
    Regards Steve

    1. Hi Steve,

      I think the book was published in 1947 as one of the biographies mentions the Great Britain v Rest of Europe game in May and the game took place at Hampden Park, Glasgow on 10 May, 1947.


    2. Hi Alan,
      Wow 1947 ..Thank you so much for the information. Do know how many were published and any idea the value. Were they published annually.
      Regards Steve

    3. Hi Steve,
      I've no idea how many were published, but it was a one-off not an annual publication. Sorry, but I've no idea of value either, though in that condition they are very rare.


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