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Vancouver Whitecaps - Secrets of Soccer (1980) - Big Scoop


Vancouver Whitecaps - Secrets of Soccer
Big Scoop
16 cards

A number of well-known players from the Football League appeared for the Whitecaps this season including Alan Ball, Ray Hankin, Trevor Whymark, Steve Kember and Willie Johnson. Players are numbered on the cards with the squad numbers, I've numbered the cards for reference purposes only (when compiling some checklists it's easier to list them when numbered sequentially, so I know how many I've identified and how many I need to find to complete a checklist).

1.  Willie Johnson

2.  David Harvey
3.  Bob Lenarduzzi
4.  Roger Kenyon
5.  Bob Bolitho
6.  John Craven
7.  Buzz Parsons
8.  Trevor Whymark
9.  Carl Shearer
10.  Steve Kember
11.  David Robb
12.  Danny Lenarduzzi
13.  Ray Hankin
14.  Paul Nelson
15.  Carl Valentine
16.  Alan Ball

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