Monday, 11 August 2014

Kinnear & Co. / Marcus - Football Clubs & Colours (2)

Football Clubs & Colours
Kinnear & Co. / Marcus
25 cards

Ultra-rare cards, usually dated 1898 but are probably older. I thought I'd try and compile an illustrated checklist, though I've only got images of 6 of the cards. Can anyone supply any more?

Football Clubs & Colours - Kinnear & Co.
Football Clubs & Colours - Marcus
Football Clubs & Colours - Marcus - stamped 'Kinnear Limited' on back

Army (ball at feet)
Army (ball in hands)
Aston Villa (ball in hand)
Aston Villa (ball by left foot)
Casuals (ball at right foot)
Casuals (ball at left foot)
Clapton (ball at feet)
Clapton (ball in hands)
Corinthians (ball in left arm)
Corinthians (ball at feet)
J. Davey (no team)
Ilford (holding ball)
Ilford (ball held to thigh)
Kings College Hospital (ball in left hand)
Kings College Hospital (ball in both hands)
London Caledonians (ball behind left foot)
London Caledonians (ball behind right foot)
Notts Forest (ball in left hand)
Notts Forest (ball held by strings in left hand)
Oxford University (right hand at side)
Oxford University (arms folded)
Suffolk (ball at left foot)
Suffolk (ball in right hand)
Sunderland (ball by left foot)
Sunderland (ball in left hand)

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