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I.P.C. Magazines / Shoot - Stand-up Footballers - Set 1/2/3/4


Stand-up Footballers - Set 1/2/3/4
I.P.C. Magazines / Shoot
32 Footballers

A full page advert in the first issue of Shoot magazine, dated 6 September, 1969 gave the reader a chance to build up a collection of stand-up footballers to accompany the figure of Bobby Moore given free with the magazine. Altogether four different sets of footballers were available to purchase direct at a cost of 3/9d per set! If anyone has access to the advert relating to the other three sets I'd love to hear from you.

Since I started researching these, I've been astonished by all the different stand-up footballers issued in the 1960's and 1970's. If someone had asked me how many there were I might have guessed at 30 to 40 in total and think that even that estimate might be a little high, but here we have 32, besides all the ones issued by D.C. Thomson in comics like The Hornet and The Victor.
Perhaps a project for some time in the future would be to have an illustrated catalogue of all of them.

Stand-up Footballers - Set 1

Bobby Charlton

Francis Lee
Ron Davies
Dave Mackay
Tommy Gemmell
Ralph Coates
Willie Henderson
Peter Thompson

Stand-up Footballers - Set 2

Jimmy Greaves

Geoff Hurst
Jim Montgomery
Billy Bremner
Peter Osgood
Terry Neill
David Nish
Brian Labone

Stand-up Footballers - Set 3

John O'Rourke

Jeff Astle
Ron Wylie   -   amended 04-07-2020
Frank Clarke   -   amended 10-07-2020
Brian Godfrey
Wilf Smith   -   amended 10-07-2020
Ernie Hunt   -   amended 10-07-2020
Mike Bailey

Stand-up Footballers - Set 4

Ian McFaul

Steve Kember
Ian Moore   -   amended 10-07-2020
Keith Weller
George Best
Barry Endean
Willie Stevenson
Tommy McLean


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