Thursday, 28 August 2014

Football Supporter - B&W Portraits drawn by Rex Benlow


B&W Portraits drawn by Rex Benlow
Football Supporter
7 cards

Each card measures 10" x 8". Superb drawings.

Bobby Moore (October 1969)

George Best (November 1969)
Jimmy Greaves (December 1969)
Bobby Charlton (January 1970)
Billy Bremner (February 1970)
Charlie Cooke (March 1970)
Ian St. John (April 1970)


  1. Alan, I wouldn't describe these as "cards". They are printed on a fairly flimsy, ie about 80gsm, cartridge paper that has been colour-washed in grey and then printed. They are brilliant drawings, I have the full set of 7.

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your comments. I know what you mean, but I have lots of things in my 'card' collection that fall outside what most people call cards. They are superb items, I bought a bundle of the magazines a long time ago and found most of these amongst the issues I had bought. A lovely surprise as I'd bought the magazines for something unconnected to the prints.



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