Saturday 30 August 2014

Haskel Propaganda (Sweden) - Fotboll-VM 1958 (1958 World Cup Postcards)


Fotboll-VM 1958 (1958 World Cup)
Haskel Propaganda
60 postcards

A collection of postcards issued during the World Cup in Sweden, with the backs printed so that the collector can record the teams and scores. I've shown two of the Wales cards above - the quarter final against Brazil and the win over Hungary in the play-off game. The Hungarians kicked lumps out of John Charles with the game taking place just a couple of days before the quarter final. The Brazilians were very relieved that he missed the game. Who knows, if he'd been fit Wales might have won the 1958 World Cup!!

1.  XII

2.  XIII
3.  XII
4.  Argentina v West Germany
5.  III
6.  III
7.  Northern Ireland v Czechoslovakia
8.  IV
9.  Czechoslovakia v West Germany
10.  Argentina v Northern Ireland
11.  Northern Ireland v West Germany
12.  Argentina v Czechoslovakia
13.  Northern Ireland v Czechoslovakia
14.  VIII
15.  VIII
16.  Yugoslavia v Scotland
17.  V
18.  V
19.  France v Paraguay
20.  Paraguay v Scotland
21.  France v Yugoslavia
22.  IX
23.  France v Scotland
24.  II
25.  Yugoslavia v Paraguay
26.  XIV
27.  XV
28.  XIV
29.  Mexico v Sweden
30.  VI
31.  VI
32.  Hungary v Wales
33.  Mexico v Wales
34.  Sweden v Hungary
35.  Sweden v Wales
36.  Mexico v Hungary
37.  Hungary v Wales
38.  X
39.  XI
40.  X
41.  England v Russia
42.  VII
43.  VII
44.  Brazil v Austria
45.  Brazil v England
46.  I
47.  Russia v Austria
48.  Brazil v Russia (X)
49.  England v Austria
50.  England v Russia
51.  West Germany v Yugoslavia
52.  France v Northern Ireland
53.  Sweden v Russia
54.  Brazil v Wales
55.  Sweden v West Germany
56.  France v Brazil
57.  France v West Germany
58.  XVI
59.  Brazil v Sweden
60.  Brazil v Sweden


  1. Hi what do the Roman numerals signify? Could these be the same postcards issued on match days but franked on non match days?

    1. I am sorry, I can't remember. I was sent this list almost 40 years ago when I bought cards for my collection. After all this time I have no idea what the roman numerals stand for. Hopefully, someone else will know what they mean,.


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