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D.C. Thomson / The Hotspur - The Football Pull-Out


The Football Pull-Out
D.C. Thomson / The Hotspur
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The Football Pull-Out was given free with The Hotspur on 4 October, 1969. It included a booklet of football tips, space on the back for autographs and illustrations of football club badges and famous trophies.

Football Pull-Out

Top Team Badges

Real Madrid (Spain)

Benfica (Portugal)
Roma (Italy)
Racing Club (Argentina)
Sparta (Holland)
Grasshoppers (Switzerland)
Dynamo (Russia)
Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany)
Bahia Sports Club (Brazil)

Top Football Trophies

The F.A. Cup

The European Cup Winners' Cup
The World Cup
The European Cup
The Scottish League Cup

Football Tips and Tricks

1.  Swap tall for small at a corner kick.

2.  Get ou to cut out crosses.
3.  Trap it with your chest.
4.  The kick curves in.
5.  The chip back from the line is a winner.
6.  The glide to the side.
7.  Control that bouncing ball.
8.  Get your body behind the ball.
9.  The pass that will let the winger away.
10.  The secret of the tackle.
11.  Down the line for defence.
12.  Put your sole into it.
13.  Cut out his cut-in.
14.  Trapping with inside of foot.
15.  Use your head and wing it.
16.  The long-distance lob.
17.  The two-fisted tip.
18.  The through pass to a forward.
19.  The down-the-wing attack by a fast back.
20.  The kick curves out.
21.  Keep cool and pass.
22.  Secrets of good dribbling.
23.  How to get that high ball.
24.  The over-the-shoulder hook.
25.  The swift switch from defence to attack.
26.  Trapping with outside of foot.
27.  It's a fair charge.
28.  The left-right trick.
29.  Trap it with your thigh.
30.  The free-kick at goal.
31.  Play to the whistle is the rule to remember

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