Thursday, 17 April 2014

Rose Marie Chokladen (Sweden) - Sportsmen

Rose Marie Chokladen
Unknown number

I don't know much about these, I don't even know how many cards make up a complete set.

UPDATE (20-04-2017 14:27):  Gregory Graetz has provided details of a few more cards.
UPDATE (19-05-2017 20:26):  Ricky Riberich has provided the names for the rest of the Lawn Tennis cards in this collection.

9. Gunnar Lindstrom (Athletics)
10.  Armas Toivonen (Athletics)   -    added 27-11-2019
11.  Matti Jarvinen (Athletics)
15.  Paavo Nurmi (Athletics)
26.  Charles Paddock (Athletics)
27.  Lord Burghley (Athletics)
28.  Ritola (Athletics)
29.  Percy Williams (Athletics)
30.  Barbuti (Athletics)
39.  G. Rydberg (Fotboll)   -    added 01-11-2021
43.  Knut Kroon (Fotboll)
44.  Sven Rydell (Fotboll)
46.  Sonja Henie (Ice Skating)   -   thanks to Gregory Graetz
48.  Gillis Grafstrom (Figure Skating)
55.  Max Schmeling (Boxing)   -   thanks to Gregory Graetz
56.  Jack Sharkey (Boxing)
57.  Primo Carnera (Boxing)
58.  Otto Von Porat (Boxing)   -   thanks to Gregory Graetz
59.  Gene Tunney  (Boxing)
60.  ?  (Boxing)
61.  ?  (Boxing)
62.  Jack Dempsey (Boxing)
84.  H. Thufvesson (Wrestling)
88.  Bill Tilden (Lawn Tennis)
89.  Sigrid Fick (Lawn Tennis)   -   thanks to Ricky Riberich
90.  I. Garell (Lawn Tennis)   -   thanks to Ricky Riberich
91.  Allan Thoren (Lawn Tennis)   -   thanks to Ricky Riberich
92.  H. Petersen (Lawn Tennis)   -   thanks to Ricky Riberich
93.  Helen Wills (Lawn Tennis)   -   thanks to Gregory Graetz
94.  K. Ostberg (Lawn Tennis)   -   thanks to Ricky Riberich
95.  Senorita D'Alvarez, Spanien (Lawn Tennis)    -   thanks to Ricky Riberich
96.  H. Ramberg (Lawn Tennis)   -   thanks to Ricky Riberich
97.  Susan Lenglen, Frankrike  (Lawn Tennis)   -   thanks to Gregory Graetz


  1. #10 is Armas Toivonen. He was a marathon runner.


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