Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tschutti Heftli - Tschutti Heftli Sammelbilder 2014


Tschutti Heftli Sammelbilder 2014
Tschutti Heftli
490 stickers

Another new collection for this summer's World Cup competition in Brazil. Manfred De Maker has sent in all the information. A checklist will be posted as soon as possible.

Since 2008 a special sticker set has been issued before major football tournaments - Euros and World Cups, called Tschutti Heftli.

On April 12th the fourth set has been issued. Previous sets were highly successful and much sought after. The special thing about these sets that is isn't just the footballer on a sticker, it is a piece of art created by a visual artist. The participating 40 artists from all over the world were chosen following a contest. They had to make their impression of Pele. A jury of 10, including Pele himself, choose the 40 artists. Every artist draws all stickers of one national team. So each team has a style of its own. Another special thing is that it is not a commercial issue. Of each pack sold 0,10 Swiss Franc will go to the Swiss Terres des Homme. The rest of the money is for production costs and for the magazine they issue.

The set will consist of 490 stickers. A pack will contain 10 stickers and costs CHF 1,50 in Switzerland, 1,50 euro in Germany. The album costs CHF 3,00 in Switzerland, or 3,50 euro in Germany.

Album and packs can also be obtained from me (if people are interested).

I have included a picture of the album and some sample pictures of the stickers.


  1. The Japanese, Spanish and Swiss sets look great! Equally so, the England set looks horrendous! Whoever decided to depict them like that? Having said that, Rooney is probably portrayed reasonably accurately!

  2. A jury of 10 decided it, including Pele! I'm not so fond of the Dutch players in the set. But all is also a matter of taste. I think Rooney agrees.....

  3. Hello I would like to buy these packets and albums. Please contact me at 561-859-9928

    1. Hi Claudia, I don't sell cards and stickers. Perhaps someone else might be able to help you.

      Take care, Alan


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