Monday 14 April 2014

Bristol City F.C. - Sons of City


Sons of City
Bristol City F.C.
144 cards

A collection of caricature cards - 137 in the basic set, plus 3 Special Goal cards and 4 Special Caps cards.

Agostino, Paul

Aizlewood, Mark
Akinbiyi, Adi
Allison, Wayne
Atyeo, John
Bailey, Jack
Bailey, John
Barnard, Darren
Bell, Mickey
Bent, Junior
Boxley, Jack
Brennan, Jim
Briggs, Alec
Brooker, Stephen
Bryant, Matt
Burden, Tommy
Bush, Terry
Butler, Tony
Carey, Louis
Cashley, Ray
Cheesley, Paul
Clark, Brian
Clark, Don
Cole, Andy
Coles, Danny
Collier, Gary
Connor, Jack
Cook, Tony
Cooper, Terry
Cormack, Peter
Crawford, Alan
Crowe, Chris
Curle, Keith
Curtis, Dermot
Derrick, Jantzen
Dinning, Tony
Doherty, Tommy
Drysdale, Brian
Dziekanowski, Jacki
Edwards, Rob
Eisentrager, Alec
Emmanuel, John
Etheridge, Bobby
Fear, Keith
Fitzpatrcik, Tony
Ford, Tony
Fortune, Clayton
Garland, Chris
Gavin, Mark
Gibson, Mike
Gillespie, Steve
Gillies, Don
Goater, Shaun
Goodridge, Greg
Gould, Bobby
Gow, Gerry
Guy, Ivor
Halliday, Bruce
Harford, Mick
Heffernan, Paul
Hill, Matthew
Hunter, Norman
Hutchison, Bobby
Jacobs, Trevor
Jordan, Joe
Kellard, Bobby
Leaning, Andy
Lita, Leroy
Llewellyn, Andy
Low, Gordon
Mabbutt, Kevin
MacPhail, John
Mann, Jimmy
Mardon, Paul
May, Andy
Meijer, Geert
Merrick, Geoff
Miller, Lee
Milne, Ralph
Moller, Jan
Morgan, Nicky
Morgan, Trevor
Moyes, David
Munro, Stuart
Murray, Scott
Neville, Steve
Newman, Rob
Nichols, Alan
Osman, Russell
Owers, Gary
Parr, Gordon
Peacock, Ernie
Peacock, Lee
Phillips, Steve
Pritchard, Howard
Quigley, John
Rennie, David
Riley, Glyn
Ritchie, Tom
Roberts, Christian
Roberts, Dennis
Rodgers, Arnold
Rodgers, David
Rogers, Jimmy
Rooks, Dickie
Rooks, Dickie
Rosenior, Leroy
Royle, Joe
Scott, Martin
Sharpe, Gerry
Shaw, John
Shelton, Gary
Shutt, Carl
Sinclair, Ronnie
Skirton, Alan
Smith, David
Smith, Jamie
Sweeney, Gerry
Tainton, Trevor
Taylor, Bob
Taylor, Shaun
Thresher, Mike
Tinnion, Brian
Turner, Robbie
Walsh, Alan
Watkins, Johnny
Waugh, Kevin
Welch, Keith
White, Jacky
Whithead, Clive
Wilkshire, Luke
Williams, Alan
Williams, Bobby
Williams, Brian
Williams, Cyrill
Williams, Gary
Wimshurst, Ken

Special Goals

Atyeo, John

Clark, Don
Taylor, Bob

Special Caps

Atyeo, John

Curtis, Dermot
Doherty, Tommy
Pritchard, Howard


  1. I have a set of 99 regular, and 10 special. I am missing Tony Cook (regular) and Tom Ritchie (special) if anyone has copies they are willing to part with. Does anyone know who published these cards? I'm not sure that the whole set of 144 cards was actually released. Can anyone confirm?

  2. Hi Adrian.
    Bit late I know , but, if you still need to know, the publishers were 'Legends Publication'
    Sons of City cards were launched in 2004-05 Season one evening in the Supporters Club & at the time I was on the committee. As I recall, the publishers, launched this series with us & Wolves the same week, I don't remember much else. As a football card collector, I did buy a full box at cost price on the evening & ended up with the full set of what I believe was 111, I even have an A4 sheet/checklist which I was given on the night.
    I recall them not taking off much, I guess mainly due to them only being sold in a few newsagents in Ashton & Bedminster & the City Shop !!
    Anyway, not sure where 144 came from... perhaps another 33 were due to be issued later if they took off ?? I have many signed, from a few in the packets at the time, then more that I acquired later at a few player reunion nights. I think they are a nice different set of cards all the same.
    Hope you have found your missing 2 ??
    Kind regards


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