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Monty Gum - Euro 1980 (2)

Euro 1980
Monty Gum
Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, West Germany
128 cards

Manfred De Maker has sent in scans of the album available in the Netherlands for this collection, showing the front and back cover along with a double page spread. He has also sent in an updated checklist so that the cards are in the order they appear in the album. The second list includes a number for reference purposes and in brackets the correct name, or in one case the first name as well, because Klaus Allofs also had a brother (Thomas) playing in the national team of West Germany.

Checklist (1)

Team photo (Holland)

Brands (Holland)
Rep (Holland)
R. van de Kerkhof (Holland)
Neeskens (Holland)
Krol (Holland)
Rensenbrink (Holland)
Kist (Holland)
La Ling (Holland)
Tahamata (Holland)
Haan (Holland)
Schrijvers (Holland)
W. van de Kerkhof (Holland)
J. Peters (Holland)
Hovenkamp (Holland)
Metgod (Holland)
Nanninga (Holland)

Team photo (Belgium)

v. Reycken (Belgium)
M. Millecamps (Belgium)
Vercauteren (Belgium)
v.d. Moer (Belgium)
Renquin (Belgium)
Broos (Belgium)
Ceulemans (Belgium)
Custers (Belgium)
v. d. Elst (Belgium)
Cools (Belgium)
Plessers (Belgium)
Coeck (Belgium)
Martens (Belgium)
Dardenne (Belgium)
Pfaff (Belgium)
v. d. Bergh (Belgium)
Meeuws (Belgium)
L. Millecamps (Belgium)
Cluytens (Belgium)
Gerets (Belgium)
Carot (Belgium)

Team photo (B.R.D./West-Germany)

Bonhof (Germany)
H. Mueller (Germany)
Abramczyk (Germany)
Flohe (Germany)
Stielike (Germany)
Dietz (Germany)
Nigbur (Germany)
Zimmermann (Germany)
Cullmann (Germany)
Rummenigge (Germany)
Kaltz (Germany)
Grabowski (Germany)
Maier (Germany)
Worm (Germany)
Forster (Germany)
Allofs (Germany)
Burdenski (Germany)

Team photo (England)

Coppell (England)
Sansom (England)
Neal (England)
Milles (England)
Wilkins (England)
Woodcock (England)
Keegan (England)
Watson (England)
Francis (England)
Anderson (England)
Clemence (England)
McDermott (England)
Brooking (England)

Team photo (Greece)

Ganaris (Greece)
Anastapoulos (Greece)
Pkirros (Greece)
Koussoulakis (Greece)
Konstantinou (Greece)
Mitropoulos (Greece)
Dellikaris (Greece)
Livathinois (Greece) 
Tossifidic (Greece) 
Kakaris (Greece)
Kostikos (Greece)
Galakos (Greece)
Kapsis (Greece)
Ardizoglou (Greece)

Team photo (Spain)

Dani (Spain)
Cundi (Spain)
Saura (Spain)
Quini (Spain)
Del Basque (Spain)
Uria (Spain)
Arconada (Spain)
Villar (Spain)
Santillana (Spain)
Olmo (Spain)
Miqueli (Spain)

Team photo (Italy)

Bettega (Italy)
Rossi (Italy)
Benetti (Italy)
Antognoni (Italy)
Scirea (Italy)
Cabrini (Italy)
Bellugi (Italy)
Gentile (Italy)
Zoff (Italy)
Sala (Italy)
Tardelli (Italy)
Zaccarelli (Italy)
Cuccurreddu (Italy)
Graziani (Italy)
Conti (Italy)
Causio (Italy)
Maldera (Italy)

Team photo (CSSR/Czechoslovakia)

Gakdusek (CSSR)
Ondrus (CSSR)
Masmy (CSSR)
Dobias (CSSR)
Hrusta (CSSR)
Panenka (CSSR)
Stambachr (CSSR)
Barmos (CSSR)
Kozak (CSSR)
Pollak (CSSR)
Vojacek (CSSR)

Checklist (2)

1.  Team photo (Holland)

2.  Brands (Holland)
3.  Rep (Holland)
4.  R. van de Kerkhof (Holland)
5.  Neeskens (Holland)
6.  Krol (Holland)
7.  Rensenbrink (Holland)
8.  Kist (Holland)
9.  La Ling (Holland)
10.  Tahamata (Holland)
11.  Haan (Holland)
12.  Schrijvers (Holland)
13.  W. van de Kerkhof (Holland)
14.  J. Peters (Holland)
15.  Hovenkamp (Holland)
16.  Metgod (Holland)
17.  Nanninga (Holland)

18.  Team photo (Belgium)

19.  v. Reycken (Belgium) [misprint, must be: Van der Eycken] 
20.  M. Millecamps (Belgium)
21.  Vercauteren (Belgium)
22.  v.d. Moer (Belgium) [misprint, must be: Van Moer] 
23.  Renquin (Belgium)
24.  Broos (Belgium)
25.  Ceulemans (Belgium)
26.  Custers (Belgium)
27.  v.d. Elst (Belgium)
28.  Cools (Belgium)
29.  Plessers (Belgium)
30.  Coeck (Belgium)
31.  Martens (Belgium)
32.  Dardenne (Belgium)
33.  Pfaff (Belgium)
34.  v.d. Bergh (Belgium)
35.  Meeuws (Belgium)
36.  L. Millecamps (Belgium)
37.  Cluytens (Belgium)
38.  Gerets (Belgium)
39.  Carot (Belgium) [misprint, must be: Garot] 

40.  Team photo (B.R.D./West-Germany)

41.  Bonhof (Germany)
42.  H. Mueller (Germany)
43.  Abramczyk (Germany)
44.  Flohe (Germany)
45.  Stielike (Germany)
46.  Dietz (Germany)
47.  Nigbur (Germany)
48.  Zimmermann (Germany)
49.  Cullmann (Germany)
50.  Rummenigge (Germany)
51.  Kaltz (Germany)
52.  Grabowski (Germany)
53.  Maier (Germany)
54.  Worm (Germany)
55.  Forster (Germany)
56.  Allofs (Germany) [it is: Klaus Allofs]
57.  Burdenski (Germany)

58.  Team photo (England)

59.  Coppell (England)
60.  Sansom (England)
61.  Neal (England)
62.  Milles (England) [must be: Mills]
63.  Wilkins (England)
64.  Woodcock (England)
65.  Keegan (England)
66.  Watson (England)
67.  Francis (England)
68.  Anderson (England)
69.  Clemence (England)
70.  McDermott (England)
71.  Brooking (England)

72.  Team photo (Greece)

73.  Ganaris (Greece) [must be: Gounaris]
74.  Anastapoulos (Greece)
75.  Pkirros (Greece)
76.  Koussoulakis (Greece)
77.  Konstantinou (Greece)
78.  Mitropoulos (Greece)
79.  Dellikaris (Greece)
80.  Livathinois (Greece)  [must be: Livathinos]
81.  Tossifidic (Greece)  [must be: Iossifidic]
82.  Kakaris (Greece)
83.  Kostikos (Greece)
84.  Galakos (Greece)
85.  Kapsis (Greece)
86.  Ardizoglou (Greece)

87.  Team photo (Spain)

88.  Dani (Spain)
89.  Cundi (Spain)
90.  Saura (Spain)
91.  Quini (Spain)
92.  Del Basque (Spain) [must be: Del Bosque]
93.  Uria (Spain)
94.  Arconada (Spain)
95.  Villar (Spain)
96.  Santillana (Spain)
97.  Olmo (Spain)
98.  Miqueli (Spain) [Must be: Migueli]

99.  Team photo (Italy)

100.  Bettega (Italy)
101.  Rossi (Italy)
102.  Benetti (Italy)
103.  Antognoni (Italy)
104.  Scirea (Italy)
105.  Cabrini (Italy)
106.  Bellugi (Italy)
107.  Gentile (Italy)
108.  Zoff (Italy)
109.  Sala (Italy)
110.  Tardelli (Italy)
111.  Zaccarelli (Italy)
112.  Cuccurreddu (Italy)
113.  Graziani (Italy)
114.  Conti (Italy)
115.  Causio (Italy)
116.  Maldera (Italy)

117.  Team photo (CSSR/Czechoslovakia)

118.  Gakdusek (CSSR)
119.  Ondrus (CSSR)
120.  Masmy (CSSR) [must be: Masny]
121.  Dobias (CSSR)
122.  Hrusta (CSSR) [must be: Hruska]
123.  Panenka (CSSR)
124.  Stambachr (CSSR)
125.  Barmos (CSSR)
126.  Kozak (CSSR)
127.  Pollak (CSSR)
128.  Vojacek (CSSR)

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