Sunday, 6 April 2014

Daily Mail - Sportraits (different) (2)

Sportraits - unnumbered - New Series (newspaper cut outs)
Daily Mail
49 known

A while ago I include a couple of Sportraits cut-outs ( I now know of 49 different ones, there's probably at least one more, and there may even be others.

Walter Ardron (Rotherham United)
Reg Attwell (Burnley)
Jimmy Baxter (Barnsley)
Jack Bowles (Stockport County)
Ivor Broadis
Alan Brown (Burnley)
Syd Bycroft (Doncaster Rovers)
Roy Clarke
David Cochrane (Leeds United)
Henry Cockburn
Leslie Compton (Arsenal)
Peter Doherty (Huddersfield Town)
Ernest Forrest (Bolton Wanderers)
Neil Franklin (Stoke City)
Fred Furniss (Sheffield United)
Tom Galley (Grimsby Town)
Jim Gooch (Preston North End)
Jimmy Gordon
David Gray (Preston North End)
George Griffiths (Bury)
Jimmy Hagan (Sheffield United)
Eric Hayward (Blackpool)
Bob Hesford (Huddersfield Town)
Ernest Jackson
Harry Johnston
Tom Jones (Everton)
John Kelly
Eric Kilshaw
Jock Kirton (Stoke City)
Robert Langton (Blackburn Rovers)
Leon Leuty (Derby County)
Billy Liddell (Liverpool)
Nat Lofthouse (Bolton Wanderers)
Conn Martin (Leeds United)
Vic Metcalfe
Stan Mortensen
Stan Pearson (Manchester United)
Douglas Reid (Portsmouth)
Harold Roberts (Chesterfield)
Jack Rowley (Manchester United)
Ted Sagar (Everton)
Len Shackleton (Newcastle United)
Bill Shankly (Preston North End)
J. Shaw (Rangers)
Bert Sproston (Manchester City)
Frank Swift
Jack Wharton
Arthur Wright (Sunderland)
Billy Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers)


  1. Hi, I also have portraits exactly like these including Frank Brennan (Newcastle U), Tom Finney (PNE), Roy Bentley, (Newcastle U), Charlie Mitten (Manchester U), Reg Smith (Dundee), Matt Armstrong (QoS), Trevor Ford (Swansea), Laurie Scott (Arsenal), George Bray (Burnley), Clarrie Jordan (Doncaster R), Tommy Eglington (Everton), Jack Balmer (Liverpool), Charlie Wayman (Newcastle U), Harry Betmead (Grimsby T), George Tweedy (Grimsby T), Willie Fagan (Liverpool), Jimmy Delaney (Manchester U), Alex Forbes (Sheffield U), Bob Pryde (Blackburn R)

    1. Hi Tony,

      Thank you for the list, most of these also appear in the numbered version. Any chance of a few scans so that I can add an updated list?




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