Sunday, 6 April 2014

Monty Gum - Euro 1980


Euro 1980
Monty Gum
Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, West Germany
128 cards

These cards may also have been issued in the United Kingdom, but I'm not sure. UPDATE (20-04-2020 09:41):  The Monty Gum cards are all plain-backed but in Belgium they could be found issued by Biscuiterie Cremers - Biscuiterie Cremers (Belgium) - Euro 1980. Thanks to Wila75 for providing scans.

Team photo (Belgium)

Team photo (CSSR)
Team photo (England)
Team photo (Germany)
Team photo (Greece)
Team photo (Holland)
Team photo (Italy)
Team photo (Spain)
Broos (Belgium)
Carot (Belgium)
Ceulemans (Belgium)
Cluytens (Belgium)
Coeck (Belgium)
Cools (Belgium)
Custers (Belgium)
Dardenne (Belgium)
Gerets (Belgium)
L. Millecamps (Belgium)
M. Millecamps (Belgium)
Martens (Belgium)
Meeuws (Belgium)
Pfaff (Belgium)
Plessers (Belgium)
Renquin (Belgium)
van der Bergh (Belgium)
van der Elst (Belgium)
van der Reycken (Belgium)
van Moer (Belgium)
Vercauteren (Belgium)
Barmos (CSSR)
Dobias (CSSR)
Gakdusek (CSSR)
Hrusta (CSSR)
Kozak (CSSR)
Masmy (CSSR)
Ondrus (CSSR)
Panenka (CSSR)
Pollak (CSSR)
Stambachr (CSSR)
Vojacek (CSSR)
Anderson (England)
Brooking (England)
Clemence (England)
Coppell (England)
Francis (England)
Keegan (England)
McDermott (England)
Milles (sic) (England)
Neal (England)
Sansom (England)
Watson (England)
Wilkins (England)
Woodcock (England)
Abramczyk (Germany)
Allofs (Germany)
Bonhof (Germany)
Burdenski (Germany)
Cullmann (Germany)
Dietz (Germany)
Flohe (Germany)
Forster (Germany)
Grabowski (Germany)
Kaltz (Germany)
Maier (Germany)
Mueller (Germany)
Nigbur (Germany)
Rummenigge (Germany)
Stielike (Germany)
Worm (Germany)
Zimmermann (Germany)
Anastapoulos (Greece)
Ardizoglou (Greece)
Dellikaris (Greece)
Galakos (Greece)
Ganaris (Greece)
Kakaris (Greece)
Kapsis (Greece)
Konstantinou (Greece)
Kostikos (Greece)
Koussoulakis (Greece)
Livathinois (Greece)
Mitropoulos (Greece)
Pkirros (Greece)
Tossifidic (Greece)
Brands (Holland)
Haan (Holland)
Hovenkamp (Holland)
Kist (Holland)
Krol (Holland)
La Ling (Holland)
Metgod (Holland)
Nanninga (Holland)
Neeskens (Holland)
Peters (Holland)
R. van de Kerkhof (Holland)
Rensenbrink (Holland)
Rep (Holland)
Schrijvers (Holland)
Tahamata (Holland)
W. van de Kerkhof (Holland)
Antognoni (Italy)
Bellugi (Italy)
Benetti (Italy)
Bettega (Italy)
Cabrini (Italy)
Causio (Italy)
Conti (Italy)
Cuccureddu (Italy)
Gentile (Italy)
Graziani (Italy)
Maldera (Italy)
Rossi (Italy)
Sala (Italy)
Scirea (Italy)
Tardelli (Italy)
Zaccarelli (Italy)
Zoff (Italy)
Arconada (Spain)
Cundi (Spain)
Dani (Spain)
Del Bosque (Spain)
Migueli (Spain)
Olmo (Spain)
Quini (Spain)
Santillana (Spain)
Saura (Spain)
Uria (Spain)
Villar (Spain)


  1. Hello. Do you have the other Italy players for EURO 80? Can you post? Thanks.

  2. I am sorry, no, I do not have them.


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