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W.D. & H.O. Wills - Football Series


Football Series
W.D. & H.O. Wills
66 (41 footballers, 25 rugby players)

Almost identical series to the one issued by William Clarke & Son. The Wills' series comes in two different colour versions - Grey and Violet. Wills' cards have the team name on the front of the cards, Clarke's have the team name on the back plus a biography. There are also some differences in the composition of the photos, and these are listed below: 

2.  R.E. Foster (Corinthians) - Without Badge (Wills), With Badge (Clarke)

5.  W.S. Maxwell (Third Lanark) - Without Hand (Wills), With Hand (Clarke)
11.  F. Wheldon (West Bromwich Albion) - West Bromwich Albion (Wills), mentions Aston Villa (Clarke)
11.  F. Wheldon (West Bromwich Albion) - H&S (Wills), Waist length (Clarke)
13.  J. Cameron (Tottenham Hotspur) - H&S (Wills), Waist length (Clarke)
17.  L. Bell (Bolton Wanderers) - H&S (Wills), Waist length (Clarke)
18.  W.J. Foulkes (Sheffield United) - H&S (Wills), Waist length (Clarke)
20.  F. Spikesley (Sheffield Wednesday) - H&S (Wills), Waist length (Clarke)
23.  J. Sharp (Everton) - Figure larger (Wills), Figure smaller (Clarke)
25.  S. Raybould (Liverpool) - Stripped Shirt (Wills), Plain Shirt (Clarke)
48.  J. Daniel (Rugby) - Richmond (Wills), Cambridge (Clarke)

UPDATE (04-04-2017 14:12):  The rugby players (cards 42 to 66) have been added.

1.  G.O. Smith (Corinthians)

2.  R.E. Foster (Corinthians)
3.  W.J. Oakley (Corinthians)
4.  E. Needham (Sheffield United)
5.  W.S. Maxwell (Third Lanark)
6.  F. Blackburn (Blackburn Rovers)
7.  J.W. Sutcliffe (Bolton Wanderers)
8.  J.E. Doig (Sunderland)
9.  S. Bloomer (Derby County)
10.  T. Smith (Tottenhan Hotspur)
11.  F. Wheldon (Aston Villa)
12.  W. Bull (Notts County)
13.  J. Cameron (Tottenham Hotspur)
14.  W. Bennett (Sheffield United)
15.  J. Settle (Everton)
16.  W.C. Athersmith (Small Heath)
17.  L. Bell (Bolton Wanderers)
18.  W.J. Foulkes (Sheffield United)
19.  T. Crawshaw (Sheffield Wednesday)
20.  F. Spikesley (Sheffield Wednesday)
21.  M. Sanders (Barrow)
22.  F. Forman (Nottingham Forest)
23.  J. Sharp (Everton)
24.  A.G. Raisbeck (Liverpool)
25.  S. Raybould (Liverpool)
26.  G.A. Hedley (Sheffield United)
27.  J. Iremonger (Nottingham Forest)
28.  C. Sagar (Bury)
29.  W.Place Jnr (Bury)
30.  G. Cladley (Tottenham Hotspur)
31.  M. Kingsley (Newcastle United)
32.  T. Nicol (late of Burnley)
33.  Reay (late of Liverpool)
34.  A. Wilkes (Aston Villa)
35.  A. Whittaker (Blackburn Rovers)
36.  J. Crabtree (Aston Villa)
37.  W. Meredith (Manchester United)
38.  D. Hurst (Manchester City)
39.  W. Beats (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
40.  J.H. Peddie (Newcastle United)
41.  Allen (Millwall)
42.  A.J. Gould (late of Newport - Rugby)
43.  W.L. Bunting (Richmond - Rugby)
44.  C. Smith (Gloucester - Rugby)
45.  E.J. Vivyan (Devonport Albion - Rugby)
46.  C.T. Scott (Blackheath - Rugby)
47.  J. Daniell (Richmond - Rugby)
48.  H.T. Gamlin (Devonport Albion - Rugby)
49.  A.F.C. Luxmore (Blackheath - Rugby)
50.  G.C. Robinson (Northumberland - Rugby)
51.  R.W. Bell (Northumberland - Rugby)
52.  W.J. Bancroft (Swansea - Rugby)
53.  J.G. Boots (Newport - Rugby)
54.  G.L. Lloyd (Newport - Rugby)
55.  Geo. Davies (Swansea - Rugby)
56.  W.J. Trew (Swansea - Rugby)
57.  Dan Rees - Swansea - Rugby)
58.  W. Thonas (Swansea - Rugby)
59.  Geo. Dobson (Cardiff - Rugby)
60.  Selwyn Biggs (Cardiff - Rugby)
61.  A. Bryce (Aberavon - Rugby)
62.  J. Hodges (Newport - Rugby)
63.  E. Gwyn Nichols (Cardiff - Rugby)
64.  J. Blake (Cardiff - Rugby)
65.  W.H. Alexander (Pontyminster - Rugby)
66.  L. A. Phillips (Newport - Rugby)


  1. Hi Alan, just a couple of things, #42 meredith is man city not man utd, #11 is WBA and not Aston Villa, #29 is Woolwich Arsenal not Bury. Then additions to note are #1 comes in two back variations "Wild Woodbine" & "Cinderella", #18 comes in head & shoulders (small head) & also in half portrait (large head). #42-66 are all WELSH rugby team. I have scans of all the anomalies if you need them from my own collection.


    1. I did send this back in 2017, Upon checking my lists today I see I made a typo on the Meredith obviously he is #37 not #42 but the errors I mentioned are all still valid. I have taken the team names off actual cards in the Will Series.

  2. Hi Alan

    Wills published 18 Foulkes as head & shoulders and waist length (both are "Wild Woodbine". I have both.



    1. Hi Paul,

      I didn't realise that Wills published two different versions of the Foulkes card, I knew there were differences between the Wills card and the Clarke card so I've never really looked at the different versions too closely. I'll add a new post showing both cards.



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