Sunday 8 December 2013

Jim Hossack - John Charles

John Charles
Jim Hossack

Davide Sabatini has asked if I will include Hossack cards. He wanted me to cover George Best first, but there are a lot of George Best cards and I wasn't sure how best to arrange them. So I decided to show the cards of my favourite player of all time - John Charles. Hossack cards are amazing quailty printed on thick card with vibrant colours, and many cards come with variations. Some have the players name printed in various coloured foils, especially bronze, silver and gold, but also blue, red, green, etc. Most cards are also limited in number, many of them as low as 6 per card.

So here are the cards of John Charles that I know of, there are probably more...

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  1. I have a Tony Currie card by Jim Hossack. Dated 2005, limited to 12. Title on from of card is "Flashback"


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