Monday, 9 December 2013

Amalgamated Press / The Pilot - PIL-040/ZB7-10 Football Fame

PIL-040/ZB7-10 Football Fame
Amalgamated Press / The Pilot
32 cards

These cards were issued in sheets containing four cards, over an eight week period. I only have details of two of the sheets at the moment but the full checklist is included below. The sheets are numbered for identification purposes only, it doesn't indicate the order in which they were issued.
UPDATE (11-07-2020 12:06): A complete list of all eight sheets can be found here - Amalgamated Press / The Pilot - (PIL-040/ZB7-10) Football Fame (03). Scans of a second sheet of four cards has been added.

A. Anderson (Heart of Midlothian)
D.J. Astley (Aston Villa)
J. Barker (Derby County)
C. Bastin (Arsenal)
E. Blenkinsop (Liverpool)
C. Britton (Everton)
E. Brook (Manchester City)
H. Burrows (Sheffield Wednesday)
H. Carter (Sunderland)
T. Cooper (Liverpool)
W.R. Dean (Everton)
H. Duggan (Leeds United)
D. Duncan (Derby County)
H. Gallacher (Derby County)
T. Gardner (Aston Villa)
E.M. Glover (Gimsby Town)
T.P. Griffiths (Aston Villa)
E. Hapgood (Arsenal)
H. Hibbs (Birmingham)
I. Hopkins (Brentford)
J. Jackson (Chelsea)
S. Lawrence (Swansea Town)
W. McGonagle (Celtic)
S. Matthews (Stoke)
J. Murphy (West Bromwich Albion)
C. Napier (Derby County)
E. O'Callaghan (Leicester City)
D. Richards (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
J. Simpson (Rangers)
G. Stevenson (Motherwell)
S. Weaver (Newcastle United)
R. Westwood (Bolton Wanderers)

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