Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Unknown newspaper - Sports Album (2)

Sports Album (newspaper cut-outs)
Unknown newspaper

Trevor Cotterell has sent in another checklist, leaving only five left to find. I'm grateful to Trevor for the list and the illustrations:

Hello Alan, To add to your checklist, I have the following:-

1.  Cliff Anderson (Boxer)
2.  Al Phillips (Boxer)
3.  Dinny Pails (Tennis Player)
4.  Henry Cotton (Golfer) 
5.  Jack Parker (Speedway Rider) 
6.  Norman Yardley (Cricketer) 
7.  Douglas Smith (Jockey) 
8.  Fred Daly (Golfer)
9.  Olle Tandberg (Boxer) 
10.  Dudley Nourse (Cricketer)
11.  Jack Robinson (Cricketer)
12.  Vic Duggan  (Speedway)
13.  Tony Mottram (Tennis)
14.  Dado Marino (Boxer)
15.  Jackie Paterson (Boxer)
16.  Pauline Betz (Tennis)
17.  Ian Smith (South Africa - Cricket)
18.  Harold Butler (Cricket)
20.  "Split" Waterman (Speedway)
21.  Gregor McIntosh (Golf)
22.  Dick Burton (Golf)
23.  Dick Burton (Golfer)
24.  Bill Bowes (Cricketer)
27.  Gordon Bradley (Leicester City - Footballer)
29.  Peter Kane (Boxer)
31.  Max Grosskreutz (Speedway)
32.  Tommy Dawson (Brentford - Footballer)
33.  W.H. Copson (Cricketer)
34.  Bruce Mitchell (Cricketer)
35.  Len Muncer (Cricketer)
36.  Billy Steel (Derby County - Footballer)
37.  Stan Mortensen (Blackpool - Footballer)
38.  Clarence Jordan (Doncaster Rovers Footballer)
39.  Gerald Smithson (Cricketer)
40.  Tommy Walker (Chelsea - Footballer)

I have no others above this, nor do I have any un-numbered.
The only thing I do not like about this series is the variety in size of the sportsman, anything from 135mm x 55mm down to 55mm x 30mm.
Hope this helps, until next time, regards, Trevor

Both the ones I listed last time as unnumbered might have been documented as such because the number had been cut off. So I think it's safe to assume that this is probably a collection of 40 sports personalities.

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