Sunday, 30 June 2013

J. Baines - Football Cards (02)

Football Cards
J. Baines

Although I've headed this post as J. Baines, this card was produced by a forerunner of John Baines, a company called J. Briggs. It's the first time I've seen a card die cut in the shape of a footballer (even if this one is a rugby player). Although Baines' name has become synonymous with these cards he was one of the later publishers of football cards in the Victorian era, Baines' first cards were printed by J. Briggs and the back overstamped by Baines in his shop. Of course, he survived much longer in the business than his contemporaries as he was still going, well in the 1920s, though the quality of the cards produced were much poorer then than in the early days.

Coming soon - a new blog, with which I intend to display all the illustrations I currently have in my database - 4,500 and counting. All cards will be shown with the back design used, where known.

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