Thursday, 4 July 2013

Thomson's Weekly News - Great Football Players

Great Football Players
Thomson's Weekly News
9 sheets - 65 players

Trevor Cotterell sent in the above photo...  it is of a sheet of footballers marked 'Thomson's Weekly News'. I have seven sheets with 8 footballers on and a single sheet with 9 players making 65 in total. I would guess these are 1910/20 period.
I think these can be quite accurately dated to some time in the 1913-14 season. H.T.W. Hardinge joined Woolwich Arsenal at the beginning of that season and the following summer the club dropped the Woolwich part from their name. I have details of one of the other sheets, which I've listed below. They are numbered for reference only, it doesn't indicate the order in which they were issued.

Sheet 1

W. Wedlock (Bristol City)
D. Shea (Blackburn Rovers)
J. Pennington (West Bromwich Albion)
E. Fletcher (Manchester City)
D. Taylor (Burnley)
G. Holley (Sunderland)
J. Coleman (Fulham)
J. Kitchen (Sheffield United)

Sheet 2

W. Watson (Burnley)
A. Turnbull (Manchester United)
J.S. Maconnachie (Everton)
F. Walden (Tottenham Hotspur)
E. Holdsworth (Preston North End)
H.T.W. Hardinge (Woolwich Arsenal)
R. Crompton (Blackburn Rovers)
G.W. Elliot (Middlesbro')

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