Saturday, 6 July 2013

Unknown Issuers - Italian cards (2)

Unknown issuers

Manfred De Maker has been in touch about this item....

Last week I stumbled on a very interesting site about Italian soccer cards. It was in Italian so I couldn't read it, but it was nice to it. When I saw on your blog questions about some Italian cards I wrote the owner of the site for some help. And I just got his mail. You can find below the information.

From: UB

Dear Manfred, here it is the complete answer to your questions.

1a and 1b. I confirm the production NANNINA, 100 cards printed in 1957-58 and 1958-59. The two cards were identical in both the series.

2a. As I expected, it is not a Nannina card, but again Tuttocalcio CICOGNA. A series of 100 cards but from 1957-58 (I repeat, this was the first year John Charles played in Italy, with Juventus).

2b. I said that is was surely CICOGNA  but I have made a mistake. This is a card from STELLA (the third Italian producer at that time of this kind of cards), a series of 40 cards from 1959-60 (my friend is the most competent in this subject!). There exist even in a version in white and red.

3a. I confirm the production Tuttocalcio CICOGNA, 100 cards, but this Hitchens card belongs to the series 1963-64 (the second year Gerry Hitchens played with Torino), and NOT 1962-63. I did confuse the question of the smaller character and bigger character for the name of the player: big for 1959-60, 1961-62 and 1962-63, small for 1960-61 and 1963-64 (the cards were identical under any other characteristic).

3b. Correspondingly, I confirm the production Tuttocalcio CICOGNA, 100 cards, but printed in 1961-62 (when John Charles was indeed a Juventus player).


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