Sunday, 30 June 2013

Panini Greece - Superleague Ελλάδα 09/10 (2)

Superleague Ελλάδα 09/10 

I've had a couple of messages from Manfred De Maker regarding this collection:

I have those four missing stickers. Unfortunately I don't have the album for this set. Sunday afternoon I have a camera. Would you like it to have the pictures of those four stickers? I can mail them to you in the evening and it may help to identify them.

I jumped to conclusion too quick, because two of the missing stickers did have names on the stickers and were already in my database. The last two stickers don't have names.

Earlier than expected (I managed to get the photo's from another camera to the computer) are the two photos of the unknown Superleague players. As you can see I'm not a professional photographer, far from that, but maybe it helps recognize them. I'm curious too!

313.  Stavros Tziortziopoulos (Skoda Xanthi F.C.)
328.  Georgios Vakouftsis (Skoda Xanthi F.C.)
336.  ???
340.  ???


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